Going Home for Summer

Summer break is fast approaching, which means a lot of us will be going to our parents' houses for a while. At this point in our lives, especially if you've been away from home for more than a year, we're used to living independently. It's been a while since we had to answer to anyone, so going home will definitely bring about lots of mixed feelings. Feelings that involve missing home-cooked meals and being pampered, but also involve feeling smothered and like your style will be cramped over the break.

In order to ensure a smooth stay, it's important that you communicate clearly with your parents. Find out what they expect of you ahead of time, and reach a compromise. Discuss what chores you're expected to do, and remind them that you may have friends over often. Remember that every place has rules. The dorms have rules, apartments have policies, and it's only fair that your parents have their own set of rules. Don't go home expecting not to have to answer to anybody, but do prepare to talk about those rules with your parents.

Keeping busy is another great way to get things going smoothly. Get a job; it'll keep you from being cooped up indoors too often with your parents, who probably don't even know how to deal with your presence. Do something during your spare time; it'll spare you from being nagged or bored to death.

Maturity is always the way to go. I know it doesn't feel very "mature" to have a curfew, but don't argue or be rude about it. It's not enough for you to tell your parents that you're now an adult; you have to actually show them. While being mature and respectful, remember to stand your ground. Most times, parents forget that we've been away from home (and doing fine) for a considerable amount of time. Remind them of that while aiming for a peaceful stay, and if it doesn't work out, you can always leave.

Going home for a long visit is not going to get any easier. There'll be misunderstandings, a bit of nagging, and you'll definitely be bored. Your movements may be questioned, and your mom will probably try to treat you like a seven-year-old. But once you make your stance known from the beginning of your stay, things will go smoother. Even better, you'll get some rest, eat good meals and live rent-free without having to leave because things got too much to bear.