Girl, get back on Youtube!

Hey ladies and welcome back to my channel! This week I was asked what my dream job is, and of course I talked about my field of study and how I will use my future degree to help me achieve my big girl job. In the back of my mind, my head was screaming Youtuber. All I want to do is, vlog, spill the tea, review Starbucks drinks, maybe even buy someone a Tesla eventually. I am obsessed with Youtube, and I typically don’t watch Netflix or Hulu. I find myself strictly watching Youtube. I mean it's my unrealistic dream job - give me a break! After being asked about my future this week, my passion for Youtube sparked up and I started uploading videos to my channel again. If you have had this same passion and need a reminder on how to start a Youtube channel, I am here for you and here is my guide to get you restarted. 

    Step one: Decide what your videos will be about.

    You need to invest some time in choosing what kind of videos you want to make. You could be a review channel and review new makeup, fast food, electronics or clothing apps. You could be a part of the beauty community and make tutorial videos. The sky's the limit when it comes to Youtube, if you have a niche, use it! 

    Step two: Strap yourself with the right equipment. 

    It is totally acceptable to use a smartphone to record your videos, so start with that if you are unable to purchase a DSLR camera. DSLR cameras can put a hole in your pocket so before you decide to upgrade, make the decision that your Youtube career is a hobby or a full-time job. I am currently using my Apple Iphone to record my vlogs on-the-go, but when I am at home and recording a makeup video I use my DSLR. More pieces of equipment you should invest in is a tripod, a microphone, and quality lighting. If your video is unstable, has bad audio, or has bad lighting your viewers may lose interest in the first few seconds even if you have quality content. 

    Step three: Record and Edit

    After recording your content, play around with the video editing software already on your computer. I have a Macbook Air so I edit all my videos on iMovie. I think it's super easy to learn, it has all the editing tools I need, and I've never needed to invest in any other software. Now if this is a problem for you, the only extra step you will have to do is research the best video editing software for your type of computer or what you know will work the best for your videos. 

    Step four: Design thumbnails for every video

    Creating the thumbnail is one of the most important steps, it’s the movie poster for your video. It’s the image the viewer sees first. My secret tip is to go to the website “”. This is a free photo editing website that will be the best tool to create thumbnails. Start with choosing the picture you want for your thumbnail, then you can add colors, shapes, and text to make it pop. Make sure you go the extra mile to create your own thumbnail instead of letting Youtube choose one for you from a moment in your video. 

    Step five: Upload content regularly 

    This step seems pretty obvious when you have a following and you promise your subscribers an upload schedule. However you need to upload regularly even from the start. At this moment of your career it's to gain subscribers. The more content you upload the more chances of people discovering your channel, falling in love with you, hitting that subscribe button, and even sharing your content to others. Even if you believe your first few videos aren’t the greatest, keep uploading, and improving as you go. 

    Step six: Promote your channel

    Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dog! Share the link to your Youtube channel on your other social media accounts. Let everyone know what your channel is about and what they can expect from your videos in the near future. You can even link your most recent or most proud of video when promoting your entire channel. This will give a taste to future subscribers and some extra views overall. *wink wink* 

    Step seven: Ignore the haters

    *puts sunglasses over eyes* Girl, I’m gonna say it again, “ignore the haters!” No matter the size of your channel there will be negative comments. This goes for all social media. The internet allows people to hide behind a username and spread negativity. It does not matter the quality of your videos, there will be someone who will try to bring you down. So glance over it, see if it's actually constructive criticism, if it's not ignore it.

    Alrighty my sweet Youtube loving lady, this was my guide to get you back on Youtube and hopefully after reading this you got your creative spark back too! If you want to check out my channel it's called “Kitara Kitty”. My wish is we can connect through Youtube, watch each other's videos, and exchange constructive criticism. I hope to receive a comment from you soon!