Getting a Big Girl Job


Graduation creeped up on me this year. Time flies when you feel like you never have time. In my college career, I have been involved in three different clubs, plus homework and two jobs. I do not regret having participated in college and all of its activities, but what I do regret is letting myself get stressed about them and not enjoying them in the moment.

Good friends of mine that have recently graduated said that they already miss having homework, deadlines, college responsibilities and I’m like, are you crazy?! As I am approaching my graduation in May, I’m starting to realize that I need to be enjoying this stress because soon, it’s all going to be different. My stress is going to be much more serious. It won’t involve turning an assignment in late, it will may have me facing obstacles that involve losing or keeping my profession. Scary.

Lucky enough for me, I have received a job offer from a news station in South Dakota, which happened a few weeks ago. I have been feeling extremely relieved and fulfilled, until now. It is difficult to explain the emotional rollercoaster I am on at this moment in my life. I am so excited for this opportunity that has been given to me. However, I still feel like a little freshman frantically walking the halls looking for my first math class of the semester. It has been four years and yet, it all seems so blurry.

My one piece of advice that I have for people in college before getting a big person job, is to be present in each activity that you have the pleasure of being in. Each moment you are experiencing now, you will never have again. Enjoy it! No matter how stressful it feels.