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Five Simple Ways to Save Money in College


Saving money in college is hard, I will be among the first to admit it. I am always saying that I need to budget my money and start making conscious decisions about what I spend my money on. Here are a few ways to save money during those college years.

Limit how much you eat out.

I know it’s easier said than done, but if your friend suggests going out to lunch, try staying in and making lunch instead. It’s more fun that way too, you guys can cook and cut out all the extra expense, and calories for that matter.

Skip getting that coffee.

Imagine this: a large black coffee at Caribou is $2.39. If you get your coffee 2 times a week for one year you will pay $248.56. Let’s be honest, most of us do not order black coffee at Caribou so our bills are almost twice as much. Imagine what you can do with almost $500 a year!

Stop the impulse buying.

When you go shopping (for anything) make a list! If you go grocery shopping make a list and stick to it, only get what you need and nothing more. To help with this make a menu for the week, that way all the ingredience are right there for you. The extra bags of chips you’re getting add up after a while. This is very important when you go shopping for clothes and gifts, unless it is a deal that even your father would be proud of you for, do not get that shirt!

Drink less at the bar.

Drinking is pretty inevitable in college. If you don’t drink, good for you. For those who do drink, try drinking more at home before you go out. A bottle of vodka is much cheaper than multiple vodka tonics at the bar. To make sure you don’t go overboard and keep buying shots, once you get to the bar only bring a few dollars. If you’re comfortable with it, work those moves and have the cutie across the bar buy you a drink instead.

Don’t abuse your credit card.

Your credit card is an amazing tool, but getting plastic happy can be easy. Only use your credit card for very specific things, and make sure you have the money already. If you don’t have all the money be sure that you make the payments, late fees and interest add up quick.


Elizabeth is a Minnesota State University, Mankato Senior, and the Vice President of Her Campus MNSU. She is a strong supporter of equality for women in the work place, and in life. She wants to be one of many to help shatter the glass ceiling, and close the confidence gap. Elizabeth was born and raised in the heart of Minnesota, and can be found spending most of her time outside doing any of the miraculous adventures that the state of Minnesota offers.
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