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Fall is upon us!

With that in mind, I’ve been scoping around the web for the latest fashion trends that will, without a doubt, be modeled in the fall season. There is one particular trend that I myself gave in to, and that is fashion scarves. Before you ask, I’m not talking long and oversized scarves that I will surely be wearing in the winter months, but I’m talking fashion scarves, people. A thin piece of cotton fabric that just barely covers the entire neck and falls just across the collarbone.

The fashion scarf was donned more recently at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival back in April 2017. The festival takes place in a desert near Indio, California, so attendees typically wear bandanas or neck scarves to block out the sand from building up in their throats. Since then, it’s been styled with looks far from the Coachella Valley. In fact, I recently picked up a Blue Polka Dot Fashion Scarf for only $5 at my local Target and it is absolutely stunning. I’m in love with the simplicity of its nature and how effortlessly it adds to any comfy-casual look.

How to Style:

Adding any sort of scarf to an outfit makes for that bundled up, warm and cozy look. While the fashion scarf isn’t as thick as the scarfs you’re you use to, it’s still best paired with more casual outfits. I would personally stick to printed fashion scarves that will add enhance an overall bland outfit. This way, if you’re way too lazy to dress up, throwing on an old T-shirt with a floral fashion scarf will make it look as though you planned out this outfit the night before. I styled my scarf with a black lace bodysuit, denim shorts, and staple earrings. I think it’s important to stick to the basics (solid colors) when it comes to styling scarves, printed ones in particular.

While all fashion trends come and go, I have a feeling this one might be here to stay.

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