Enjoy Your Life

It’s not rare for many of us to compare our lives with others and feel so sad, disappointed or depressed about it. You may feel like you are useless, or that there is no future for you.

But what is the point of that? No matter how negative you feel, how many disadvantages you realize about yourself, nothing would change. The only way to have everything is to live happily and full of satisfaction. As you know, each of us have our own scales to measure all kinds of levels in life. Levels of hurt, of pain, of success, of happiness, of need, of wealth, of fulfillment. Therefore, you would never know if an idol would wish to live your life or not. If you just focus on the light she is standing in being so bright, there may be so much stress, suffering, discomfort in it that you just do not see. You have so much to do and to feel about your life, why would you waste your time to let unreal things around you destroy your real life?

As people grow old, all they wish to get back is their youth. Everybody is born different, lives a different life, experiences different things, etc. If you can accept these differences, then I believe you’re living the most appropriate life ever for yourself. Therefore, stop complaining or feeling insecure, thinking that you’re a loser or anything negative about yourself. You are the most beautiful version of yourself in the world, and your character is completely unique. Since you only have one time to be young, to live wild, live life your own way.

The most difficult thing in life is to live happily. If you just free yourself from thinking stressful things, you will have more time to enjoy the greatest chance to live, to be healthy both mentally and physically, to do anything and be beautiful every day.