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Looking for a cheap but cute way to decorate? Creating your own tassels can be an easy, inexpensive and adorable way to fill those empty spaces! Best yet, you can use any color scheme, length and amount that you want.

Here’s a simple way to get started: Use a variety of colors and cut them all at the same length.

Try something different from just regular old curtains.

Create a cloth tassel for a fun Halloween party

So many cute ways to tie and hang!

Thinking more natural? Use burlap as well!

Here’s a cute and easy way to decorate a little one’s room, boy or girl!

Here’s a great way to fill those little spaces that need just a little something more.


There are so many places to put your tassels. And so many ways to tie them. Use this creative way to fill all your empty spaces that need some color.

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