Curly Hair Hacks

Like many other curly girls, I have spent hours upon hours with a straightener in one hand and hairbrush in the other, attempting to win what I would eventually learn to be a losing battle with my luscious locks. For reference, I clock in at a thick, somewhat inconsistent 3B hair type styled about shoulder length. I’ve had short hair, I’ve had long hair, and yes, even bangs. By no means am I a hairstylist- just another curly haired gal who spent most of her middle school years a frizzy mess. The following are a few tips that I have picked up on over the years to stop fighting with my hair and give it the love and support it needs to truly thrive.


1.       Throw away your hairbrush.

You heard me right. Get rid of it. Right now. If you have to keep anything, make it a wide toothed comb. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that buried deep within our psyches are memories of someone pulling a hairbrush through our knots and tangles. Curly hair is dry and accustomed to breakage, and brushing your hair only makes it more unruly. I will usually comb my fingers through my hair to remove any unwanted tangles right after I get out of the shower. Never brush your dry hair (unless you’re going for that 80s look- in that case, rock it out).

2.       Condition, condition, condition.

Frizzy hair is the number one battle that a curly girl faces. When in doubt, condition it out! I use a leave in conditioner once a week (which I recommend doing with a facemask because self-care). While I condition every day with a product specifically made for dry and troublesome curls, I try to limit the amount of times that I shampoo my hair to once every three days. While this works best for me, you should definitely play around with products and routines to find what works best for you!

3.       Get the proper cut

This may be the most important tip on this list. No matter the kind of curls you have or style of your current cut, it is vital to find a stylist the understands how to support your curls. Curly hair behaves different from our straight or wavy friends, which means that it should be cut and colored in a different way. I will admit that I might have an unhealthy attachment to my current stylist and am petrified to switch to a different person- but that just further emphasizes how life changing the right stylist can be for your overall look.

4.       Avoid heat and bleach if at all possible.

Because of the intense dryness of curly hair, heat and bleach are your worst enemy. While I do love a nice balayage, I do my best to avoid putting any additional heat on my hair. This tends to be fairly easy, as I find my hair looks best after letting it air dry. Don’t be averse to styling every once in a while, but avoiding the shock of heat and bleach on your hair will keep your curls healthy in the long run.


5.       Invest in the right tools.


This one is tough. When it comes to product, I’ve tried many- and still do frequently! For some a simple mousse will do the trick while others may need to add a cream or gel. My hair performs best with a cream and mousse combo, while neither are effective for my stylist’s curls. I am almost positive my forever favorite will be with anything Moroccan Oil, but in avoiding the hefty price tag, the Argan Oil line also performs well. Again, trial and error is the way to go in finding what works best for you.

6.       Clip your roots.

Two words: LIFE. CHANGER. Sometimes I find that while my hair is drying it can often weigh itself down and leave the top of my head flat and leaving me looking like an actual triangle. After I get out of the shower and apply my product, I will place a few clips at the root of my hair to support some of the weight of my wet curls and give me a more even texture throughout.

7.       Do not touch.

Pretty straightforward, but important, nonetheless. Curly hair looks its best when you let it do its thing. To avoid frizz, do not touch or fuss while it is in the drying process and try to avoid touching your hair too much throughout the day.

8.       Style while you sleep.

I have recently learned of this styling tip known as “pineappleing” where you loop your hair into a bun on top of your head right before you fall asleep to keep your curls intact. Another tip I picked up from my grandmother is sleeping on a silk pillowcase to, again, avoid breakage and frizzy disasters. While I have yet to experience day two curls that look as great as day one, it is possible to leave the house after a no-wash day not looking like Frankenstein’s wife.

9.       Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

One of the best parts about curly hair is that it’s FUN. Play with color and styles and express your personality! While curly hair can be tough to work with, it is also unique and special. Don’t be afraid to try new looks and spice things up every once in a while (or every day- live your life)!

10.   Rock the hair you’ve got.

I spent a very long time being frustrated and unhappy with my frumpy and frizzy curls. No matter the kind of hair that you have, show yourself some grace and give it the love and support that it’s craving! It is true when they say that everyone wants what they can’t have. Once you start to love yourself for what you’ve got, you truly begin to thrive in your life.

Shout-out to all my curly girls out there!