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College: The Saga of Awkward Eye Contact

We’ve all been there, walking through the halls on campus with our headphones in. Most of the time, we stare at our phones while we walk, or, we gaze out the windows at the buildings outside. Maybe we even glance back and forth at the ceiling and floors. All of this hassle just to avoid the most uncomfortable feeling, the locking of eyes between you and a complete stranger. It has happened to all of us. Unfortunately for some, it has happened many times. And every single time it sends a cringeworthy shiver down your spine. Once you lick eyes, you automatically look away with your eyes widened, hoping the person you looked at doesn’t mind your awkward stare.

Quick thoughts run through your mind,

“It was an accident! This happens to me too much! Please don’t look at me!” 

Soon, you duck your head and are on your way to class. A safe spot. Maybe not? The likelihood that your professor calls on you to answer a question can be high. Along with the attention, comes 30 pairs of strangers’ eyes staring at you. How embarrassing… and I bet you all know the feeling of shame if you did not pay attention to the question of answer incorrectly. Besides this situation, it can be something as simple as accidentally making eye contact with the stranger who sits across from you. 

“Sorry dude, I totally did not mean to look at you!” a mental apology is noted as you swiftly glance back at your professor speaking.

These experiences are more common than you would think. If you thought you made too much awkward eye contact with strangers, I am here to say that I’m sure everyone does. While it may be uncomfortable, it’s a common occurrence with the amount of people you pass by and see in class everyday. If you can relate to any of the situations that I described above, just know that you are not alone. 

Annie Huynh is a junior Marketing student at Minnesota State University-Mankato. She was born and raised in North Mankato, MN. Her favorite seasons are summer and fall. On her days off, she likes to catch up on her favorite series on Netflix or take a trip to the mall.
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