Bookish Websites Every Booklover Should Bookmark

Sometimes, finding the right book that suits your mood can be a frustrating task. Luckily, technology has provided us with websites that can make access to book information less tasking. Here are a few:


1.       GOODREADS

Of course, I had to put Goodreads first. Since I discovered it years back, it has easily become a staple of my bookish existence. Goodreads is like the Facebook for bookworms. We get to communicate with like minded individuals, join book clubs, make virtual book shelves and discover new books and authors. Bliss.


2.       BOOKBUB

This one can certainly save a broke students life. When you sign up (for free, of course), you choose the genres of e-books you are most interested in. Daily, youll get emails notifying you about discounts and deals on books in the genres you’ve indicated interest in.


3.       BOOKISH

Bookish is aimed more towards content discovery than anything else. Here, you can get more information about books, authors and everything bookish. This website also works as a good source for book recommendations.


4.       WATTPAD

This is an online storytelling platform. Here, both readers and writers come together: writers to write, and readers to read. Its easy to underestimate this website, until you realise that many lovely reads started on Wattpad.



Instafreebie is another site that is great for a broke readers pocket. When you sign up to this website, youll get e-mails informing you of available freebies. In essence, you get access to exclusive stuff in exchange for your name being added to the authors mailing list. Just make sure the books you choose to download are by authors youre actually interested in, or youll be bombarded with unnecessary spam.