Book Review: WIND CATCHER by Jeff and Erynn Altabef

When I was presented with an opportunity to read Wind Catcher, I had no choice but to seize it. Who wouldn’t want to read a book that was written by a father/daughter duo?

Juliet Stone is an “average girl born between two worlds- one rich and the other Native American”. At least, that’s who she starts out as. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she’s special, especially when her frequent migraines and spot on intuition keep showing up. Juliet wants nothing more than to fit in and be “normal”, so that her snobby schoolmates in the private school she attends will leave her alone, or maybe befriend her.

To make matters worse, she now hears seemingly meaningless ramblings in her head: ramblings that are never ending. She can’t tell anyone- not her mum, who just doesn’t get anything, and certainly not her grandfather, who doesn’t seem capable of giving a straight answer.

When Juliet and Troy, her best friend, stumble upon a murder scene, things start to change, and events lead to her discovering that she is the Chosen. It falls upon Juliet to save her people, lest they perish in the hands of the Seeker.

The authors really portray how it must feel for a teenage girl to find out that she’s never going to be “normal”, and the character development is very believable. I enjoyed the way Juliet realises she has to suck it up and accept her responsibility, even though it’s not what she bargained for.

Wind Catcher is truly a page-turner. It’s one of those books that anyone can read: YA book lovers, Middle Grade Fiction lovers, Mystery/Suspense fiction lovers, and even adults! It had me sucked in right from the Prologue, and I was happy to know that there are still wonderfully written, all-age appropriate books out there.