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B.I.G: A Brotherhood Striving for Unity

Black Intelligent Gentlemen (B.I.G) is doing big things at MSU and aspiring to make a change on campus.

“We felt like there was a disconnect within the African-American male community on campus. Plus, a lot of the activities on campus weren’t geared toward African-American students,” said B.I.G ‘s vice president, Mustapha Sanneh.“B.I.G was designed to create a Brotherhood and strengthen the bond between African-American males at MSU.” 

Not only is B.I.G striving to bring the African-American male student body together, but it also is working to unite everyone on campus.  

“Striving for unity in every corner of the school is essential to our advancement in success.” said Sanneh.  

These gentlemen have put in work with a few other diverse groups on campus and in the community to show their support. B.I.G has teamed up with CADA on two occasions and the LGBT center. CADA educated B.I.G about domestic violence against men and the Safe Bar Initiative (SBI). While tabling together, B.I.G supported the LGBT Center’s want for gender-neutral bathrooms. Also, B.I.G partnered with Echo Food Shelf in the fall and gathered donations for the shelter.  


B.I.G’s largest event this year is happening Thursday, April 14. The Law Enforcement Club, Police Commander Matt DuRose, Professor Carl Lafata, Patricia Nelson, Ph.D., and Paul Prew, Ph.D., will all be apart of B.I.G’s event, Police Interaction: Their Stories. With the recent activities going on in the African-American community involving law enforcement, B.I.G wanted to educate college students about their rights, but also wants students to be educated by law enforcement.  

B.I.G has achieved many things this year from reaching 60 community hours in four months to gaining more recognition on campus.


This is a Brotherhood that has established a motivational space where they can encourage one another academically and socially.  

“There’s no one else that will lookout for you like your brothers” said Sanneh.  






I am a Senior at MNSU majoring in Mass Media (PR) and minoring in Marketing.  I love to blog about beauty and fashion.  I joined Her Campus because I wanted to join a group on campus that empowers women.   
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