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Now these recipes I am sharing with you are some of the most common recipes that you and I know, but they are the best that I have come around. I have found a new love for baking this year and these are my top 5 favorite recipes of my staple sweets. Now, Let's get to them!


Snickerdoodle Cookies

All I have to say for this recipe is wow. Now for what I can remember, my family didn’t make these when I was growing up, we were more of a chocolate chip cookie type of family. But when my boyfriend requested that I make these for him, they were a huge hit. They are so soft, chewy, and delicious. This recipe is so simple, but it is so yummy! Everything in the recipe is the usual baking goods except for the cream of tartar so it makes it easy to whip these up in no time.  I had these kinds of cookies for the first time this year and these are now something that I make monthly.


Pumpkin Bars

Now this recipe for these pumpkin bars is something I have memorized because I have made them so much! These top my mom's recipe of her pumpkin bars (which is very hard to do) because of the way these stay so moist even days after baking them. These are also another treat that I make monthly because they are that good! I have had countless people request I make these and want the exact recipe that I use. The actual cake part of the bars is so soft, and the frosting is to die for. One trick that I have learned with the frosting on these is to make sure you whip it for a long time to get it really nice and smooth.



Who doesn't love a good brownie recipe?! These are something that can be made from a box but making them homemade is actually just as easy! I made homemade brownies for the first time a couple months ago and I quickly have found a love for making these from scratch. Again, another recipe that is so simple and easy that anyone could do it. These are so gooey and pair so well with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream after a long day of studying!


Banana Bread

In my 21 years of living, I had never made banana bread before this past November. I again got another request from my boyfriend and his family to make another treat for them and wow did these not disappoint. The special thing about this recipe is that it doesn't call for any oil, but instead you use mayonnaise! It seems odd but that is the thing that sets this banana bread recipe apart from any other. It keeps it so moist for so long!  My boyfriend's family said that it was the best banana bread they have ever had! Next time you are going to be making banana bread, try this recipe out and you will not regret it.


Peanut Butter Cookies

Now this last recipe is again something that is so simple but so yummy. I have a weird love for peanut butter, so I really enjoy making peanut butter cookies, so I stopped having so much peanut butter toast. This is another recipe that can be made easily at home because all of the ingredients are usually something that everyone has. These cookies are chewy and super soft! Next time you are craving some peanut butter, make these cookies!


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