Being a Plant Mom

At the beginning of quarantine I bought a random plant for something to do. I started to do research in hopes of keeping it alive. Now, a few months later, I am a full fledged plant mom with four beautiful babies. Not sure how I got here, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. So, I thought I would share a list of why having plants is so fulfilling. 

They give me structure. 

On the days where I struggle getting out of bed in the morning, my plants get me up. Opening the blinds for them, making sure they are happy (moving them around if I deem necessary), or seeing if they need water. They help me get my day started right. 

They give me a community. 

Plants are a great conversation starter and through that I’ve gotten to know people better. Giving different advice or sharing about different plants we have is super helpful. Just like parents bragging about their children, I tend to catch myself doing the same. (Sharing a picture with all my friends about how my fiddle leaf got a new leaf for example.) 

They give me joy.  

Watching them grow a new sprout is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that I’m helping something grow and thrive is an accomplishment in itself. Plus, buying new plants, pots, macrame, etc. is essential to make sure they have everything they need to prosper. Being able to wake up with them and go to bed with them each day is a blessing.

Overall, my plants are the best. They give me structure, a community, and joy. Plants make me happy, even though they tend to hurt my bank account. I never got the craze with plants before I had my own. But now I can’t imagine my life without them, god I sound just like a mom!