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Bachelorette Premiere: Jojo

Last night was the night it finally happened. Our favorite day for “Wine, bachelor, and yoga pants” as committed fans would call it…

After a few months of waiting, “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” fans finally had the chance to see the premiere of Joelle “Jojo” Fletcher as the Bachelorette.


As a fan favorite from Ben Higgin’s season, Jojo did not disappoint in the premiere. She’s funny, genuine, and is a complete class act.

But what were some of the best and worsts moments of the night? Let’s take a look…


1.    Getting advice from former Bachelorette’s: Kaitlyn, Ali and Desiree.

(Better moment)


2.    Finding out one of the men is a beautiful former football player… or you know, Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan Rodgers. AND there is also an equally beautiful marine named Alex.

(Better moment)

3.    Jojo meets a man and he uses this pickup line…

“I’m half Scottish and half Chinese. Luckily, I’m half Scottish below my waist.”


Talk about awkward.

(Bad moment)

4.    Saint… Nick appears?

(Confusing moment)


5.    Her first REAL kiss and it’s with Jordan. Melt-worthy.

(Best moment)


6. Daniel getting almost naked, wasted, and jumping in the pool. “Damn, Daniel”

(Worst moment)

7.    ALL of the many “hammered” guys. Un-cool.

(Worst moment)

8.    First impression rose? Jordan.

(Best moment)

 9.    Jake Pavaelka returns. This moment was a controversial one. He scared the men; but made viewers hopeful. He may have been a former “Bachelor” who made a terrible decision by choosing Vienna in his season…but, he’s adorable. Who couldn’t see him and Jojo making a cute couple!?

(Best & Worst moment)


10.  Jojo giving a rose to drunk “Damn” Daniel.

             (Worst moment)



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