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Bachelor Update: Taylor and Crazy Corinne

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

If you are not watching The Bachelor, you are doing Monday nights wrong. It is one of the most talked about shows on television. ESPN has even created a fantasy league just for the show!

This is Nick’s fourth time on the show and it’s finally his chance to shine as the bachelor. He has had his heart broken on national television multiple times and now he finally gets the chance to be the heartbreaker instead. And he is freaking hot.

If you haven’t heard her name by now, then yes, you are living under a rock. Crazy Corinne has been the talk of the show. She naps at rose ceremonies, interrupts every girl during their alone time with Nick and even rented a bouncy house castle in the middle of a pool party.

We have seen only a few one on ones and most of the girls hit it off with Nick. Some of the dates include home town visits, hot tub time skydiving simulation. There have also been some great group dates including break up class, dance lessons with the Backstreet Boys, haunted houses and a bridal photo shoot. There is still plenty more to come.

We are finally at the stage where there are two-on-one dates. Last week, enemies Corinne and Taylor went on a two-on-one which resulted in Nick sending Taylor home. Of course that wasn’t the end of that, though, because we were left with a cliffhanger of Taylor returning to confront Nick about Corinne.

Thankfully, it is only week six so you still have time to catch up or start watching this season!

Sammy is what you would call a Student Solider. She is in the Army and also a Senior at MNSU. Her major is Mass Media and her minor is Communication Studies. She is from Cottage Grove, MN and enjoys her weekends in the cities. She enjoys being the Her Campus MNSU Chapters Campus Correspondent and also Young Life. She wishes that fall season was year round, but living in Minnesota she will have deal with all the seasons it brings.