Attempt the No Alcohol November With Me

This month I am going to attempt the challenge of No Alcohol November. I turned 21 years-old in February this year and I am already tired of the negative effects alcohol can bring. Since this school year started in August, I have felt that alcohol is holding me back from my own ideal body. It’s been hindering my emotions, mental health, and relationships. Also, it has put a damper on the nights that are supposed to be memorable and special.

I wanted to attempt this challenge for all the results others have reported after giving up alcohol for a month: overall health, weight loss, increase in focus and energy, and of course the extra money in your bank account. Also if I’m going to be honest, the truth is, I want to do this because I know my drinking habits aren’t something I want to keep in my lifestyle. I want to be the adult that can have a cocktail at a restaurant to just try it for the taste and not the effect. Or the adult that is at the party for every second of it and only having a positive time. No more sad girl hours please!  Since alcohol is a depressant, I feel it’s effects on me the night of drinking then the next day. Another honest moment, I have let my immaturity come out and my friends have seen and heard a version of me that should exist at all. Big yikes ladies, let me tell ya.

I know I’m not alone and you aren’t either. If you are someone who is also experiencing any of my personal reasons for wanting to attempt this challenge, which will evidently enhance your health, I think you should partake in the No Alcohol Challenge this November with me. And even if you can’t relate but think alcohol could be that one element holding you back mentally or physically, maybe you should give this a try and see if your results are worth it for your future. 

Okay now the rules! There's only one: Do Not Drink Anything Alcoholic. It’s that easy! So we think. Luckily, as of today my boyfriend has said he wants to join me in the challenge. I definitely recommend trying to recruit a buddy to attempt this with you. 

I know that my main obstacle this month is going to be the weekends. Weekends for me, if I’m not working and all my homework is finished, consist of hanging out with my group of friends and drinking together at home. This has now become our usual activity since the pandemic. Another obstacle will be Thanksgiving, however I think I will be able to overcome the temptation since I will be four days away from accomplishing the challenge. 

I really hate how alcohol has treated me, I've gained weight, I've become bad company, and I’ve missed out on memories that I wish I didn’t. So I am completely motivated to crush the No Alcohol November challenge and I hope I motivated you to do so too!