An App You'll Fall In Love With

These days, fashion trends are being introduced by the minute, and my wallet simply can’t keep up.

If you’re anything like me, you take extreme joy in cleaning out your closet regularly to make room for new styles! It can be quite the process and you might find it hard to get money back on the pieces or trends you’ve barely even worn. In order to save money in this fast paced world we call fashion, it was important to me to find a space where I wouldn’t be losing money. There’s good news, I found the perfect marketplace; Poshmark. This application is the perfect place to buy and sell fashion of all sizes, colors and brands. The best part is that it’s completely free, which is a huge bonus considering you make money easily on your gently used apparel. So why am I sharing Poshmark with you? I would encourage this app to fashion lovers of any kind or even those who want to make a buck because I have found tremendous success. Now a user for over three years, I have sold countless pieces at prices I personally set. On top of this, I can take the money I make from those old styles and put it directly towards brand new pieces. I’ve found it to be the easiest and most cost efficient way to revamp your closet at any time. Poshmark is both a buying and selling app, so they make it easy to apply the money you make directly towards new purchases and if you aren’t interested in shopping for new items, you can transfer your redeemable credits straight to your bank account. Needless to say...I’m in love.

The beauty of being young is that I’m still trying to figure out my personal style and Poshmark makes it easy to do exactly that. Give your wallet a breather and check out Poshmark!