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Up-and-Coming Stars of the Maverick Baseball Team Answer Some Burning Questions

Tyler Berg, Hunter Walsh and Bobby Gauvreau are three members of the Minnesota State University Mankato Baseball Team. The three continue their friendship off the field and live together near campus. Tyler – an outfielder, Hunter – an Infielder and Bobby – a pitcher, all started playing baseball at young ages. Knowing it was their calling, they each pursued college baseball and ended up Mavericks.

Tyler is 19 and studying mechanical engineering in his sophomore year. He is from Saint Michael, MN, taken by a lovely lady and loves golden retrievers.


Hunter is 21 and studying business management in his senior year. He came to Mankato from Bismark, ND and ladies, he’s single!


Last but not least, Bobby is 20 and studies sports management. He is from Marietta, GA. This good old southern boy is a sophomore who is married to the game and pitches an impressive 92-94 mph.

Here’s your opportunity to get to know the up-and-coming stars of the Maverick baseball team!

HC: What brought you to Minnesota State University, Mankato?

TB: “Baseball.”

HW: “Baseball.”

BG: “Baseball.”

HC: Have you been a Maverick your entire college career?

TB: “No, I went to the University of North Dakota my freshman year. At the end of the season, the baseball program was cut. So in order to continue to play I had to transfer. I chose Mankato because my sister attends MNSU, I liked the coaches and the campus was modern.”


HW: “No, I started out at Kansas City, Kansas Community college my freshman year, then I transferred to the University of North Dakota my sophomore and junior year. After my junior year, they cut the baseball program. I chose Mankato because I liked the business program and the coaches.”


BG: “No, I started at Georgia Tech for my freshman year. I transferred to Mankato at the start of my sophomore year because my Georgia Tech coach called and told me I should play somewhere else. I chose Mankato because the summer coach from the St. Cloud Rox told me it was a good baseball program and I talked to the coaches and liked it!”


HC: What is advice you would give someone that is transferring?

TB: “Talk to a counselor.” (I think he meant advisor.)

HW: “Make sure it is the right fit and talk to a counselor.” (Him, too.)

BG: “Dress warm, if you get home sick easily – don’t go to a place that is far away.”

HC: List a couple words that describe you:

TB: “Easy-going, fun.”

HW: “Nonchalant, casual.”

BG: “Relaxed, willing, handsome.”

HC: For the ladies reading this, what is the biggest turn off in a girl?

TB: “Too much make-up.”

HW: “Materialistic.”

BG: “Smoking cigarettes.”

HC: What is your Instagram handle?

TB: “Tylerberg96”

HW: “Hunter_walsh8”

BG: “Bobby.gauvreau”

HC: If you could go to lunch with anyone, who would it be?

TB: “Will Ferrell or Grayson Alan.”

HW: “Randy Moss.”

BG: “Leonardo Dicaprio.”

HC: What is your spirit animal?

TB: “Golden Retriever.”

HW: “Black Lab.”

BG: “Sloth.”

HC: What are your hobbies?

TB: “Hunting and fishing.”

HW: “Hunting, fishing and boating.”

BG: “Fishing and hiking.”

Cheer on the boys and the rest of the Minnesota State, Mankato baseball team at their first game February 25th at U.S, Bank Stadium, or at their first home game on March 18th!

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