Alec Miller '16: There's Nothing Dull About Him

Name: Alec Miller

Major: construction management

Year: spring 2016; senior

Hometown: Elysian, MN

Her Campus: Why did you choose Minnesota State Mankato?

Alec Miller: “One of the only ten schools in the Midwest with my major, plus my dad used to be a professor so I thought I was going to get a free education, but he retired my senior year so that didn’t work out.”

HC: What was your drive for studying construction management?

AM: “I’d say I liked construction-based classes in high school, making something and seeing it from start to finish, it’s something bigger than yourself; my brother was a construction management major so I got to see his successes and mistakes.”

HC: What organizations are you involved with on campus?

AM: “Delta Sigma Pi and the Construction Management Student Association (CMSA). You could say I’m the treasurer of CMSA but it’s up for debate.”

HC: What do you enjoy most about the organizations that you’re involved with on campus?

AM: “For starters, it’s nice to be around like-minded individuals who want to better themselves; it also offers a lot of real-world experience; and the smoking-hot women in one of the organizations, that’s always a bonus.”

HC: What are you most passionate about?

AM: “Can I give you a list? [HC: Of course!] This is really tough, not in order, just top things that I am passionate about. Musky fishing, North Carolina (UNC) basketball, Iowa Hawkeye football, great movies, life-altering music, dogs!, running with my dog, golf, being around good friends and spending quality time with family. I think that pretty much sums me up.”

HC: List three words that describe you.

AM: “Honest, hard-working and humble.”

HC: What would you like to see yourself doing in 5 years?

AM: “That’s a good question. I see myself, hopefully as a project manager with Kraus-Anderson Construction in the Minneapolis area, or whatever area presents the best opportunity.”

HC: If someone who didn’t know you well was looking for you, what could you be found doing, and where?

AM: “Oh that’s a tough question right there. I like it though, it’s out of the box. In terms of structure, like a day-to-day activity, if I’m not studying, I’m with my dog or friends. I like to stay active and busy. Life is more enjoyable that way.”

HC: Would you rather be the worst player on the best team or the best player on the worst team?

AM: “That’s a good question. I have had this conversation with my dad many times. I would rather be the best player on the worst team because I am very competitive and like to do my best. I would rather make an impact on a team than make no impact and sit on the bench. This question is about more than sports, it’s about life.”

HC: What is your life mantra?

AM: “Rule # 76: no excuses, play like a champion.”

HC: What do you look for in a potential girlfriend?

AM: “I really like people that are driven. They have to be kind, funny, intelligent, hard-working, honest, loyal, stuff like that. I would say a friend basically. If you’re not friends with someone, you can’t really be in a relationship with them. I like someone who is close with their family because that says a lot about their character.”

HC: What is a deal breaker with a girl you may have been interested in, had these not been an issue?

AM: “People who are high maintenance and people who are uncomfortable being by themselves and insecure.”

HC: What is one piece of advice you would tell incoming college freshmen?

AM: “Enjoy the day – don’t take college for granted because life moves fast and if you don’t stop to take a chance and look around, it just might pass you by.”