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Addiction; the fact or condition of being addicted to a  particular substance, thing, or activity (taken straight from the dictionary); since now you know the meaning we may keep going.  


They say we all have our addictions. We all have certain things that we do to get our mind off things, legal or not, we do them, not really concerned about the consequences in that particular moment because we feel suffocated hence the need to relieve ourselves. The need to get it off our chests and feel free, like a breath of fresh air. 


I  am sure you’ve come across people who have an issue with substance abuse. Either for fun or just a little, not so thought about daring, or some just happen to be addicted, they just can’t stop. They became so addicted to getting high and that became their way of feeling  “good” or relieved and actually “having your issues together.” 


Hollywood lost Mac Miller, super young and talented artist because of substance abuse, being depressed at a young age and getting into drugs just to get his mind off things and finally being the cause of his death. So many of us are using drugs for various reasons, and we lose so many young people every day but we can’t really tell because they are not highlighted. Mac (may his soul RIP) happened to be in the spotlight and his incident got lots of attention, I mean the guy was talented, such an inspiration to people, so we got an inside look of things from his perspective. 


Demi Lovato almost lost her life due to the same thing, I am not quite sure if at this point we actually see the problem with addiction or the problems addiction has brought into our society especially if it’s substance abuse! The same things keep happening over and over again.  


Young people tend to feel suffocated over either school or some relationships we have that really go out of our way pretty quick and we resort to what we feel will make us better.  








With pressure from society on how we should act, what we should and shouldn’t do, how our grades should be, how we should get  “white-collar jobs” which in my opinion is actually sickening because we try so hard and get lost, but the adults don’t see it. Yet, we fall, where you ask? To drugs, I just answered you. 



Drugs are literally a corner away, it doesn’t matter where you are, how tight the security tends to be around  that area, you’ll find them, and that’s why I want to believe is the reason we fall into it, it’s the reason we take it because it’s so easy to get.  


We become addicted that we can’t function without it, losing our minds if we don’t get our daily dose, “I really want to stop, but it’s hard to stop,” they say and society will perceive that as rebelliousness which isn’t really the case. 


Turning their backs and facing the wall, not really want to deal with a “rebellious” kid who does what they want, instead of actually trying to figure out why we fall, how, and what they can actually do. 


It’s sad. 


Really sad. 

The more ignorant society becomes, the more young people we about to lose. 




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