An Active Girl’s Must-Have Guide


There are some things we take for granted in our day to day lives. They may seem insignificant or unimportant, but the moment we are forced to forgo a situation without one of these things- we realize how much we need it! Being healthy, on the go, a student, a busy boss babe working Lord knows how many hours a week isn’t easy, and let me tell you there’s plenty of excuses you could make for throwing in the towel on your health and fitness goals. However, there are little wonders that I’ve found to help make this live easier, less stressful and just better overall!

I won’t waste your time on the basics, we all know that you NEED cute workout clothes, a rockin’ set of kicks and a membership or subscription to your favorite place or workout of choice to be set up for success. I’m not going to go tell you to spend your hard-earned money on things that I haven’t personally tried or that are totally unnecessary, so here are some extras that you probably don’t even know you’re suffering without.


Rockin Green- Active Formula Laundry Detergent

From one sweaty girl to another, we all know that those gym clothes and bags don’t stay flowery fresh for long. Not to fear, I have found a detergent that works wonders on even the oldest, raunchiest, most stained pit marks. Don’t let another bottle of generic Tide be guzzled away in desperate attempts to mask the stench, this stuff is worth the money and it will last you WAY longer.


If you’re one who gets mega sore every time you switch up your workout, here’s one for you. Magnesium is a mineral that has been proven to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and reduce stress and inflammation in the body. You can take this orally in a vitamin supplement, or use a spray like this one. I apply it to any muscle that’s extra tight that day, or just on my stomach/back before I head to bed and it does the trick to help give you that extra relaxation boost. Not to mention, it makes you sleep like a baby- and who doesn’t need more help getting those beauty Z’s?


Wireless Headphones

I know, I know, your trust old apple headphones or earbuds do the trick, but if you’re really gonna vamp up that intensity and get a good workout in in an efficient amount of time, you’ve gotta unplug. Literally. Wireless headphone or earbuds are an absolute game changer. They make lots of different varieties that work great, (I do love my AirPods) so I’ll leave this up to your discretion and preference, but for the love of your fitness ego- lose the wire and leave dusty, slow workouts behind.


Barbell Pad

Raise your hand if your hip bones have been personally victimized by a barbell at the gym… This item intimidated me for a while, but it has absolutely been a life saver. It’s 2019, and us ladies (and some guys, too) are out here doing our squats and hip thrusts trying to grow the booty. The only downside is bruises and extreme pressure, especially once you get that weight up there as you progress. Tried and tested, this is the brand I use, and for $12 on Amazon, your bones and your peach will thank you!



Once again in the name of growing curves, band workouts and moves have become increasingly popular. These are amazing for glute activation before leg day (super important, btw!) or a mini travel workout when you’ve got limited equipment. When I started off, I used a few different kinds of plastic bands and just added multiple levels of difficulty once my strength improved. I had seen lots of rave on social media about hip circles, a more sturdy resistance band, and my curiosity and online shopping addiction got the best of me. This band is non-slip, super resistant and my glute days will never look back (except at it, ha ha ha).


This may be a touchy one, and I know that our generation has absolutely no shortage of access to or consumption of caffeine. On that note, I just am encouraging you to use caffeine as a tool. Especially if you’re tackling your workouts early in the mornings, snag a small tub of a yummy pre-workout and start out downing a half a scoop- OR find a recipe you love mixing protein and black coffee, and use it as a part of your motivation routine. If you look forward to that, it will only make your routine more sustainable because you will associate that fun aspect with your workout! Plus, caffeine has been proven to improve performance- so use that to your advantage!


Foam Roller

Just as important as your workout routine are the recovery habits that follow. Whether it be post workout, pre-bed, or just a rest-day relaxation technique, foam rolling is a great investment of your time. It helps prevent injuries, heal our taxed muscles and improve blood circulation (bye bye, cellulite!). Make sure you’re doing it properly to avoid any more stress on your body. SELF has a great feature here highlighting some major don’ts of foam rolling, and here is an article with some great moves to reap the benefits. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to give you some great pointers!


Skin Care

Our skin takes the brunt of many of our lifestyle choices, from sweating, sunshine, stress and just day-to-day toxins that assault it. Some skin essentials ranging from post-workout makeup wipes, a gentle but effective face wash, and some moisturizer and possibly even a night cream. Another gem that I’ve recently found and LOVE is a bi-weekly collagen face ‘peel’. It exfoliates away dead skin and clogged pores to keep skin clear, young, and bright. I also swear by Alba Botanical’s AcneDote toner to touch up my oily T zone throughout the day. Make sure your face products are unscented and dye free to keep those pesky chemicals off the precious money-maker!


I hope you find at least one of these finds an enhancement to your active lifestyle, and that I encouraged you to stick with it no matter how busy life may get! You deserve a couple little ‘cheats’ to make those long days a little easier! When it comes to the little things, don’t stress them, it’s not worth it at the end of the day! Do what you can but don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep killing it girl!