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8 Reasons Why Being a Direct Support Professional is the Best Job in College

Being a Direct Support Professional (DSP) could possibly be the best job I have had while in college. The meaning of a DSP is working with people who are mentally disabled and want to live their lives to as normal as possible. They go to work, out to eat, to the mall, etc. The DSP makes sure they’re doing their daily routine including hygiene, taking medications, going to work and completing their programs. 

Being a DSP is a nice and refreshing change from my previous jobs: I worked in a hair salon and made nothing in tips. When I worked downtown, I was constantly harassed by men of all different ages. While working at a sandwich shop, the drama was uncanny. With my current position as a DSP, I have all of the essentials of my dream job in college. Here’s why:  

1. You can wear whatever you want to work with no judgement. That’s right! I show up in sweatpants, my hair in a bun and no make-up. With all of the stress and time crunch as college students, it’s close to impossible to be motivated to look good for work every day.

2. Your schedule is flexible. Early morning and/or midafternoon to about 9pm, and only every other weekend. Do you like going out on the weekends? No problem! Shifts usually end around 9-11 pm and you only work every other weekend. You can still grab those two-for-ones downtown.

3. You get paid to do fun things. You take your clients out to eat, to concert, to a Twins Game, to the Mall, to the movies, to go bowling, etc. Anything that they would like to do, you can do! Not to mention your admission, ticket and food is paid for as well. Free entertainment? Awesome.

4. You can get paid to sleep. As a “Sleep Overnight DSP,” you read that right, GET PAID TO SLEEP. This is what I currently do and getting paid to sleep is the best life decision I have ever made, but these positions fill up quickly due to popularity. 

5. You are making someone else’s life better. The clients are depending on you to better their lives and make it as normal as possible. You make connections with them that can last a lifetime. 

6. There are opportunities for a bonus. Free money! By simply working there, you are eligible to receive a bonus. These come every couple months, yearly, depending on when the company has extra funds to give. 

7. You learn how to do domestic duties. Until I started this job, I never really knew how to cook. Because my assigned house requires me to cook them healthy meals, I have gained a new life skill. I have also learned how to do laundry, dishes and other daily household chores.

8. You get paid for training. Free first aid/CPR classes, medication distribution, lift training and all of the day-to-day occurrences are extremely important to learn, and you 

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