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5 Things to do When Trapped in on a Snow Day

  • Do Yoga!

There’s nothing more lovely than waking up in the morning to find out school is canceled! You can’t move your car to go do your daily exercise, so it looks like you’ll be working out at home today. If you don’t have a treadmill, like most of us don’t, Yoga is a perfect solution! With this, you can start your snow day off in a relaxing, soothing, and calming way.

  • Make a Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? I mean really, all sorts of cheese, sauce, and CARBS! I recommend taking your time and putting as much love as you can into this food option, as opposed to a variety of frozen pizzas. If your past excuse for not doing this was because of a lack of time, believe me, you will have plenty of time today. If you don’t have the ingredients, get some of your nearby friends to contribute some of their groceries and make it a group thing! That said, you’d be surprised what ingredients you can use to make a pizza these days.

  • Read a Book

Whenever I binge watch a Netflix series, I feel exhausted and lazy, like I’ve wasted too much time just staring at a screen. But reading a book is different; it’s more self-educating. I know I feel super accomplished after I finish a book, and so could you!

  • Go Sledding

This one is obvious. Sledding is a perfectly fun thing to do on a snow day, it’s practically a tradition where I’m from. So put on your snow gear, grab a sled (or something flat), and just enjoy!

  • Have a Game Night!

Cards Against Humanity, The Game of Things, Gestures, and What Do You Meme are all wonderful game options for you and your roommates, your nearby pals, your family members, or whoever, to play! I recommend making a nice cup of hot chocolate to go with this activity as well.


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