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5 Reasons Why Airbnb is the New Way to Stay

My roommates and I cringed as we hung up the phone. Even though we were lucky and got to use a time share supplied from one of our parents, we still owed the resort over $4,000 to stay in Cancun. I couldn’t afford $1,000 to cover food and alcohol on top of the $400 I had already paid for a plane ticket. I couldn’t consume that much in a week even combined money wise. That didn’t even include the cost of when we would go out or eat out at restaurants.

We were stuck. I knew I couldn’t afford it. That’s when we were introduced to the wonderful website AirBNB.com. My future travel will forever be changed by this website!

“Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point...”- Airbnb

1.The website was easy to use and straightforward

To find a place to stay for your next getaway, all you have to do is enter in the location you plan to stay and check in/out times. There are also many filters to help you find your perfect space to rent; price, shared rooms or entire homes. All Airbnb listings have photos of the listing and amenities provided at the location. Each location has a host profile so you can read about whom you will be renting from.

For more information on traveling with Airbnb visit their website.

2. Great way to save money when traveling.

For a week stay, I paid $212 vs the over $1,000 I would have had to pay to stay at a resort in Cancun. In many cases from searching the website you can rent a space from Airbnb for the same price or less of a hotel- but get twice as much space * depending on the city/country. Looking to really save money? Rent a shared or private room instead of an entire home!

3. You can choose your level of luxury.

The apartment we picked to stay in was filled with knick-knacks, art and old books. With our own kitchen and access to a pool, this apartment felt homier than any resort we could have chosen. Our place had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and living space. Not very big but perfect for our Cancun vacation!

Airbnb offers services for those who want to save a couple dollars as well as those who couldn’t afford a more luxurious location. The Queen B herself has even been known to use Airbnb!


4. By staying in an Airbnb we got to experience more culture and be immersed in the community we stayed in.

While in Mexico, we stayed in a gated apartment community. By the end of the week we had met multiple neighbors who even said goodbye to us as we left. We were staying in an apartment- food was not provided- we had to learn how to get around and communicate with locals. If we had stayed in a resort there were many things we would have not experienced in Mexico. We weren’t staying in an Americanized hotel- we were staying among the locals.


5. Airbnb provides a safe experience to travelers.

The website put us at ease that this was a safer choice than listings on other websites. Hosts have to get a verified ID as well as writing reviews of guests and getting reviewed by those that have stayed with them.

“We believe anonymity erodes trust, so we verify the IDs of our guests and hosts to help ensure the safety of our growing community.”- Airbnb

The woman we rented from had been verified multiple times and an abundance of wonderful reviews from prior guests. After our trip with her she also reviewed us- which helps hosts decide if they feel safe having people rent from them. In some cases Airbnb locations may be in hosts’ homes!

Airbnb provides a safe way for hosts and guests to communicate without sharing personal information until they decide to book. By the end of our stay at our Airbnb in Mexico we had conversed with our host multiple times on advice on what to do, the best deals in the area and also how to get back to the airport.

Also, Airbnb’s payment system won’t release the payment to the host until after 24 hours after the reservation starts. So no need to worry about paying and not getting what you paid for!

For more information on Airbnb safety measures visit their website.


The next time you are looking to travel for the weekend or a weeklong get away check out Airbnb.com. You never know the unforgettable space you may find! Airbnb offers services across the United States and in over 190+ countries. Let Airbnb help you explore or give you an excuse to plan your next get away! 


People call me Mo! I am a senior at MNSU studying Mass Media with an emphasis in Public Relations. I also have a minor in Human Resources and Recreation Parks and Leisure Services. 
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