5 Books To Help You Get Into The Spooky Season

It is Halloween season when everyone gets to dress up and let out their inner monsters. A lot of people like to watch scary movies to get in the mood, but for you readers out there, I wanted to give you some scary and/or creepy books that you can read to get in the spooky mood. The following are five books that are great for this spooky time of year!


The Butterfly Garden

By: Dot Hutchinson

In the backyard of a mansion is a beautiful garden. It consists of flowers, trees, a pond, and young women. Young women who have been kidnapped by “The Gardener”. The girls are taken and given beautiful and detailed tattoos of butterfly wings on their backs. The tattoos may be beautiful, but the reason for the tattoos are horrific. The Butterfly Garden is the story of Mayas’ abduction and survival. The story takes place after the police find the garden and save the young women who are being held. Maya tells the FBI about how she was taken and what occurred while she was inside, but as she tells her story she may reveal secrets she wanted to keep buried. Who is the Gardener? What happened inside the garden? Is Maya who she says she is?



Lost Girls

By: Merrie Destefano

Missing for two weeks, but with a whole year of memories lost, Rachel wakes up bloodied and beaten in a ditch on the side of Highway 39. She returns home to an unrecognizable life. Last she remembers, her best friend was Molly and she wore pink everyday. Now, she doesn’t talk to Molly and there isn’t a single article of clothing that isn’t black in her closet. She is a completely different person than she remembers. Lost Girls is the story of Rachel Evans discovering her dark secrets from the life she forgot while trying to figure out what happened to her. Will she survive the dangers of the unknown or will she end up getting lost in her own dark world?


Daddy’s Little Girl

By: Mary Higgins Clark

Ellie Cavanaugh had a nice life, until her older sister was murdered near her home. Ellie goes on trial against a suspect and her moving testimony leads to the conviction of Rob Westerfield. Westerfield is released on parole after twenty-two years, bringing Ellie back home from Atlanta, where she has been working as an investigative reporter, to look into her sister’s murder and prove that Westerfield is guilty. As she investigates, many secrets come to life and Ellie isn’t so sure that Rob Westerfield is her sister’s killer. What she uncovers just might make her follow in her sisters footsteps.


Cirque Du Freak Series

By: Darren Shan

The Cirque Du Freak series, also known as The Saga of Darren Shan, consists of 12 books. The series follows the young boy Darren Shan and his adventures into the world of the living dead. Darren visits a freak show with his best friend. He then becomes mesmerized with one of the acts and gets pulled into the messy world of the freak show. Little does he know that the “freak” he messes with is a vampire who is in need of an assistant. The books follow all of the life threatening adventures that Darren has to fight his way through. Will he be tempted by darkness or make it out alive?



Diary of a Haunting

By: M. Verano

Diary of a Haunting is an in depth documentation of Paige and her family’s experience at their new home in Idaho. Paige, her brother, and her mother moved to Idaho after her parents had a messy divorce. Paige thought that the divorce would be the worst thing to happen to her, but she is quickly proven wrong. Not long after moving in, Paige catches on to the creepy happenings around her home. Her brother is constantly roaming the house, one can of food turns into multiple, and foreign words are appearing on the walls throughout the house. Paige gets really freaked out when she finds out about the cult that used to operate out of the house. After digging deeper into the history of her home, she realizes that whatever is in the house is evil and won’t leave easily.