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15 Reasons Michael Scott is the Best Character on TV

If you love the show The Office, then you know how quirky Michael Scott is.

Chances are, Michael Scott has made you smile, cry, and laugh uncontrollably with his silly, offensive, and lovabale personality.

Therefore, Michael Scott is one of the best television characters off all time, and here’s why:

1. He taught us that we all have flaws.

2. He showed us how important friendship is.

3. He never second guessed himself.

4. His facial expressions were always “on point.”

5. He was wise beyond his years.

6. Pop culture references were a specialty of his.

7. He made an effort with everyone.

8. He prioritized work and responsibility.

9. He knew so much about the Internet.

10. He let us know when we made poor life choices.

11. He taught us what swag really looks like.


He knew how to explain his life philosophy to us.


He showed us  how to be calm and graceful, always.

14. He was a master of time management.

15. But in the end, he was there for us when we needed him most.

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