13 Spongebob Gifs That Describe the Start of Senior Year

College has been a wild ride full of ups and downs, moments of major success followed by some major setbacks. But here we are...

Senior year.

I’ll be honest in saying that going into my last semester of college has me feeling a certain type of way- excited, terrified, and just overall highly emotional. The following is a list of thirteen Spongebob Gifs that describe navigating the start of senior year.


When someone asks what your plans are for after graduation:

When you read the syllabus for your upper level classes on the first day:


When one of your friends asks if your down for happy hour:

Trying to write and perfect a resume and cover letter like:

Starting to apply for jobs like:

...and finally getting your first interview:

Chilling in that gen ed that you put off until the last minute like:

When you walk in your first class and see that the whole squad is there:

When the professor asks everyone to go around the room and share their name, major, and a fun fact about themselves:

When the professor asks if anyone in the room is gainfully employed for after graduation and a third of the class raises their hands and the rest of you are just sitting there like:

Trying to balance class, homework, internships, applying for jobs, health and a social life:

Realizing your friends are all growing up and aren’t going to live two blocks away anymore:

... Then realizing that you’re all boss ladies who have bright futures ahead of them: