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Writing in a journal is proven to be an excellent way to relieve stress, unleash creativity or to quiet your mind after a long day. There are many benefits to these pen to paper sessions, but people often feel stuck when trying to incorporate journaling into their everyday life. If you do not know where to start, guided journals are for you! These journals vary in theme or method, but all are great at guiding your writing if you are feeling lost. Here are the best ones to get you started. 


Start Where You Are

This journal is great for recentering your thoughts. Each entry has both an inspiring quote and an activity. The journal aims to help you shift your thoughts, feelings and even what you put your time into so that you can put forth your best self each day. The illustrations are beautiful, and the activities are thoughtful. As the title suggests, this book is a great place to start your journaling journey! 

Present Not Perfect

For those that struggle with perfectionism, this journal reminds writers to embrace the messiness of life. It is very similar in style to Start Where You Are, but it is catered towards those who need to be grounded in more authenticity. Through activities that encourage you to engage in the smaller moments in life (such as eating a snack or sitting outside for a few moments), you begin to tether yourself more to the world instead of your ego. If you are type A, you need this journal. 

52 Lists Project

For writers who don’t necessarily want to pour out their feelings or partake in an elaborate activity, this journal instead asks you to create a new list for each week of the year. The topics range from favorite TV shows to people that inspire you, and the topic reveal is a great way to bring excitement to each week. Making these lists is a great way to slow down your brain before bedtime, or a nice way to start your morning. 

One Question a Day

This journal simply asks you to answer one question each day. The fun part is that the cycle repeats for five years, meaning you will answer the same set of 365 questions five different times. Lots of the questions are goal oriented as well, so the journal becomes a really unique timestamp of where you were on a certain date in each year, and a wonderful keepsake to track your growth.  

Serenity Journal 

The Serenity Journal is a year-long journal that isn’t necessarily guided, but one that provides a daily reminder to calm the mind. Each day, there is a different quote about eliminating stress on the top, with regular lined paper underneath. This book serves as a  journal where writers can unleash some stream of consciousness style thoughts at the end of the day. 


With all of these journals on the market, there are prompts out there for anyone with writer’s block. Buy a guided journal that speaks to you, pick up your pen, and get writing! 


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