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You Need to Sign Up for Hello Fresh Right Now

How many times do you go to cook dinner, when you realize you’re having the same meal you have had for the past two weeks? Or do you ever get tired of the same thing at a cafeteria or restaurant? Experimenting with new foods and flavors can sometimes be expensive, and who knows if you’ll recreate your favorite curry recipe like the Thai restaurant around the corner? Enter Hello Fresh, the meal delivery service here to change the dinner game for the better.

For just around $60 per week (less than $10 a meal) you will receive a box of fresh groceries and recipes for three different meals, each two or four servings, depending on the size of your family. For all my college students, get the two serving size, and that’s two meals for you AKA dinner for the entire week! So basically there are three steps.

  1. Pick Your Plan: Classic (with meat and fish) or Veggie (vegetarian)

  2. Choose your recipes: With a variety of recipes, choose what you want to make based on taste preference and your overall favorite flavors.

  3. Pick a day for delivery: Pick when you want your meals delivered to your door. I have my box delivered on Friday so I can meal prep over the weekend!


This is actually my 4th Hello Fresh box that I have received and made. Previous recipes I have LOVED are Chipotle Seitan Chili, Greek Eggplant Ragu, and Colorful Confetti Salad. This week, I have Sicilian Farro Caponata, Crispy Chickpea Tacos and Brown Rice Bibimbap. Here’s a peek at what it looks like when you get your box.


The Box

The Recipe Sheet

On the back it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your meal!


The Prep 

Eggplant, red onion, and bell peppers!

The Final Product

Topped with basil, farro, and fresh mozzarella. YUM!


This is a great option for college students! You can make everything in your dorm room, or teeny tiny kitchen. Please use my coupon code to get money off your first box of delicious meals! Happy cooking!


Hey I'm Hailey! I'm a freshman communication Arts major at Marymount Manhattan College. I'm hoping to either make a career out of writing for blogs, magazines, websites, or maybe even being a news or sports anchor. I'm also very passionate about dance so you can always find me in a class somewhere or just dancing around my apartment!
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