You Have To Try Dollar Shave Club

For some ghastly reason, it costs a ridiculous amount of money to shave. No matter your gender, if you want to remove hair from your body with a sensible handle and cartridge, you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny. I remember a few years ago seeing a commercial on TV—you can watch for yourself right here—that seemed so goofy that it couldn’t be real. It claimed that by joining Dollar Shave Club, you could get a quality razor and a month’s worth of cartridges for just a dollar a month.

I ran to my computer and checked out the website. It was legit. With three available packages you could get either a two bladed razor with 5 cartridges for $1 a month, a 4 bladed razor with 4 cartridges for $5 a month, or a 5 bladed razor with 4 cartridges for $9 a month. The last two even include shipping.

With it’s already heavy expense and the additional pink tax for those purchasing shaving products marketed towards women, it just made sense to switch to the Dollar Shave Club. I ordered and signed up to receive a shipment every other month.

I decided to go with the classic 5 blade. It’s black and white, and while the three razor options are designed with men in mind, it’s classic enough to cater to and please any gender. Who cares if your razor, which stays in your shower, isn’t pink enough for your femininity?

The razor itself is absolutely fantastic. The shave is close and gets the hair on my knees nearly every time. It works much better than any other razor and it works for my budget. I highly recommend that you try it out. It’s a simple as spending $5.