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Why You Should Watch The Princess Switch

Recently I  stumbled upon Netflix’s newest Christmas film entitled The Princess Switch. At first glance, I said, “Absolutely not.. I will not be watching that, it has to be the cheesiest movie ever! I mean come on. Look at the title..”. However, little did I know that the movie would be a perfect mix of Hallmark cheesiness and Christmas cheer. So if you’re wondering if this is the film for you, I’m here to tell you that it definitely is.


The first reason that everybody should watch the film is a pretty simple one. Vanessa Hudgens. Enough said, we never stopped loving her from her days of singing in the hallways of East High. And it is actually really cool to see her playing an adult! Even if that adult does have a variety of cheesy lines and princess plot points. She plays two characters, Stacy and Lady Margaret, who have a Parent Trap type of switch. While this may not be the most nuanced storyline of all time, it means Vanessa gets double the screen time so are we really upset? Not at all.

Speaking of incredible people on the cast list, let’s talk about the leading men in the movie. The first is Nick Sagar playing Kevin, a devoted dad who pushes his best friend Stacy to forget her horrible ex-boyfriend and pursue her dreams. The second is Sam Palladio playing Edward who will fulfill all of your fantasies that a real-life prince will sweep you off your feet. And let me tell you we get LOTS of chemistry between these men and Hudgens. The movie will leave you searching for your perfect Christmas romance to cuddle up with on the couch with some hot chocolate. I mean come on, just look at these men!


Fans of The Great British Baking Show or any of the Food Network specials about holiday decorating will love the side plot of Stacy and Kevin flying to Belgravia to compete in an international Christmas cake decorating contest. I was dreaming of being home baking Christmas cookies for days after watching it!

The movie will get you in the holiday spirit SO FAST. From snow to baking to cuddling watching movies to giving to those less fortunate around the holidays, the movie seriously hits all the bases. There is even an element of magic and Christmas spirit allowing fate to run its course.


The movie has some surprisingly badass female characters! These women are going after what they want and they aren’t apologizing for it. Stacy even stands up to royalty when she thinks that they could be doing more. And we can never have enough awesome female characters, even if it is in a cheesy Christmas rom-com.


And so by now, I’m sure you can see that The Princess Switch is the ultimate Christmas film. It’s full of cheesy plot points that you would normally question, but won’t because they’re too amazing. Not to mention royalty means beautiful ballgowns and costumes! Snaps to Netflix on another Christmas film that I will unashamedly love.


Hi loves, I'm Rachel and I'm a Sophomore musical theatre major at Marymount Manhattan College. I'm currently living out all my Gossip Girl dreams in the city and can't get enough of it. From Central Park to Broadway shows to pop up street fairs, there's always something fun to do here. Some fun facts about me are that I love fancy French cheeses, work in the shop building sets, dream of moving to Paris, and shamelessly follow pretty much every trash reality show that has ever been created. I also have 2 cats, adore Dirty Dancing, and love sour candy! Instagram: @rachelswedberg or for city pics @uptowndiaries
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