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Why You Should Start Listening to Audiobooks

As a college student and an avid reader, I am constantly looking for new ways to read in my free time. Between dance rehearsals, six page papers, and hanging out with friends, my opportunity for reading novels has diminished this school year.


My problem was solved a few summers ago when I came across a Youtube sponsorship promoting the company, Audible. By this point in time, it is kind of hard to not know what Audible is due to its abundant social media sponsorships. However, to explain, Audible is an Amazon entertainment company that focuses on audio stories such as audiobooks, radio, and podcasts. I know there are other companies that also offer audio entertainment, but I think Audible’s monopoly on the market allows for great deals and easy finds.


Everyday I commute 20 minutes back-and-forth to school, I walk countless blocks between my apartment and grocery store, and sit for hours in the library waiting for my next class to begin. With audiobooks, I am able to fill these moments with stories. I am learning new things and being entertained during moments where I would otherwise be consumed by boredom. These stories, whether nonfiction or fiction, are always told by captivating voices that enhance the experience more than you could with your own eyes.


To start you on your audiobook journey, here are a couple of audiobooks that I have enjoyed so far:

Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime & Amy Poehler’s Yes Please


These two memoirs are tied for my favorite books I’ve listened to on Audible. Both are read by the famous comedian themselves, and the audio version adds witty and wonderful incite that’s not included in the paper version. If you haven’t picked up these New York Times bestselling memoirs, I highly recommend you choose the audio version!

Heads Will Roll by Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne


Heads Will Roll is a hilarious Audible original story. It includes ten episodes and a slew of famous guest stars. You will be shocked when you hear the voices of Tim Gunn, Peter Dinklage, Meryl Streep, and the cast of Queer Eye. The story follows Kate McKinnon as Queen Mortuana as she attempts to save her throne. The lively banter and one-liners had me laughing aloud on the subway.


No matter what you like to read— romance, fiction, comedy, or an emotional memoir, I believe audiobooks help create the perfect balance for the busy New York City college student. I hope this has helped you find a way to boost the amount of reading in your life! 



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