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Why You Should Shop at American Eagle This Holiday Season


Remember the last time you stepped foot in an American Eagle? No, because that was a long time ago and since then you’ve been online shopping and stalking “Kylie Lip Kits”. Before the worldwide web, retailers built their empire from the ground up. Nowadays, the only reason we walk into stores is to see what to buy online when we get home. Stores became our own showroom!


Whether we online shop or keep it classic, Aerie is a big reason AE is still open. The #AerieReal campaign drove more shoppers in with its body positive message. It makes total sense they’re a lingerie company who believes that there’s no such thing as a perfect body. This is genuine, not a publicity stunt or not a ploy to drive business, just a way to inspire. Don’t believe me? Then just walk in and ask any associate about it, you can watch the passion pour out.


Speaking of inspiring, have you heard of #WeAllCan? The new AEO campaign encouraging you to be YOU. Highlighting your uniqueness, allowing you to be vocal about who you are as an individual. “Live Your Life”, which we all love was about going out and doing it. “We All Can” is about embracing who you are!


I spoke with the general manager Diane, who has been working with the company since 2010. When asked what her go to outfit was, this hardworking lady responded with:

              -Play leggings (Aerie) $10    

              -Comfy socks (AEO) $6.99

              -Oversized sweater (Don’t Ask Why) $39.95

Where is she going? To watch Netflix.

So why should you really shop here this Black Friday? Denim jeggings and the new flex denim is their number one seller, I’ve tried on both and I cannot stress enough how comfortable and durable they are. I’ve seen you guys and gals all over campus with them on so you know what I’m talking about first-hand. Along with the new campaigns and jeans, there have been new celebrity features. Past celebs include, Troye Sivan and Hailee Steinfeld. Current celebs include Jack Gilinsky and his girlfriend Madison Beer. Still not convinced to shop here on Black Friday? How about the holiday floor set, where you can look at the celebrities plastered on the wall. Lastly, you’ll get to see and try on the merchandise because there ain’t no shipping fee for that! 


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