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Are you someone who likes to stay active, but gets bored going to the gym regularly? Or, do you like going to the gym, but you don’t like working out by yourself and feel unmotivated? Do you get bored working out at the same place, doing the same thing and want to explore new forms of exercise? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ClassPass might be the solution to your dilemma.

           ClassPass is a New York-based organization that offers a monthly fitness membership program that can be accessed through an app on your phone. Members pay varying amounts of money in exchange for credits that can be used for different types of workout classes and gym time. ClassPass partners with many different local studios that offer classes in a large variety of styles and activities, so you can find almost any activity you may want to try out in a class setting. Due to their growing success, ClassPass is now being offered in over 50 cities around the globe!


How it works:

           Members pick the amount of money they want to pay each month in relation to how many classes they want to take. You can choose from a $45 (2-3 classes), $75 (4-6 classes), or $160 plan (9-13 classes).

           You can then choose from thousands of workouts in the app. In order to find the class that is right for you, you can search by location, type of activity, recommended classes based on your preferences, or by ratings and reviews. You can book your classes ahead of time or decide right before you want to go exercise. The options are almost endless with this flexible app.


Why I Use ClassPass:

           I am a dancer in college, so I am taking a lot of hours of dance classes and rehearsals Monday-Friday, but I typically have the weekends off. I like to stay active on the weekends by taking exercise classes or dance classes. In order to strengthen my body for the rest of the dance week, I like to take workout classes that serve as cross-training in a different discipline than dance, so I am targeting aspects of my athleticism that dance does not cover. Since I have started using ClassPass, I have been able to take an extra workout class of my choosing one day of the weekend, so I am now physically active six out of seven days a week.

           I will continue using ClassPass because their monthly fees for class credits end up being cheaper than taking the equivalent number of individual classes from almost any studio in New York City. The flexibility that the app allows for members makes it easy for me to decide on when, where, and what I want to take. I think that anyone who likes a variety in their workouts would enjoy ClassPass!




I currently attend Marymount Manhattan College as a fourth-year senior where I am pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance with a double concentration in Choreography and Modern and a Bachelors of the Arts in Business with a concentration in Media & Arts Management. While at Marymount Manhattan College, I have choreographed new dance works for Dancers at Work and screenPLAY through the Dance Department. In my choreographic endeavors, I utilize an abstract, multidisciplinary method which reveals opportunities for further analysis, stimulates thought-provoking questions, and encourages societal change-making. I am interested in utilizing both my knowledge of Dance and Arts Management to create an interdisciplinary performance arts entity upon graduating from Marymount Manhattan College.
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