Why James Charles' Morphe Palette is the Must-Have Gift of 2018

This past month, thousands of eager James Charles fans flocked to their local Ulta to snatch this season’s latest makeup product - the James Charles x Morphe Artistry Palette. On November 13, the 19-year-old beauty influencer released his very first eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Morphe, along with a 34 piece brush set and sponge with a custom holder. Since the holiday season has quickly arrived and many of us are still struggling to finish our shopping, the James Charles palette is the perfect one-stop shop for all art and makeup lovers out there, to help make our shopping experience just a tad easier. Here’s why:


  1. The palette consists of 39 vivid, pigmented shades.

Designed to create any makeup look imaginable, Charles’ palette contains 39 eyeshadows and pressed pigments, four more shades than the average Morphe palette. Pressed pigments are color pigments pressed directly into a pan with no other alterations to create the purest, most vibrant color possible, unlike eyeshadows, which have added ingredients to enhance their performance. With just one palette, you have access to every color of the rainbow and can create almost any eye look you please, without flipping through ten different palettes to find the perfect shade.


     2. $39 for 39 shades.

Unlike other popular, high-end makeup products we’ve seen before, Charles’ palette is only $39 -- that’s only $1 per shade! Considering the vibrancy and diversity of each shade, $39 is not a bad price to pay. Since this palette contains such a wide array of colors, you probably won’t need to buy many other eye products to add to and support your makeup looks. Therefore, if you buy this palette, it’s one and done, and a total of $39 is the only damage done to your bank account. (Plus, if you use the code “james” at checkout on the Morphe website, you get 10% off your purchase!) Though Charles’ collection is currently completely sold out, products are restocked often, so grab it when you can!


      3. Support for a young entrepreneur!

In 2016, Charles became the first ever male face of Covergirl. Since then, he has taken the beauty world by storm. With over 11 million Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers, as well as having his own clothing line, Charles has created quite the platform for himself. Designing his own makeup palette and brush set has brought much success to both Charles and the Morphe company, selling out within minutes of its initial release. By buying the palette, you are not only supporting a rather small company in the beauty industry, but you are also supporting a young talent who takes pride in his work.


Charles’ palette is already a hit,  after only three weeks on the market. Charles took note of everything he wished to get out of a makeup palette and brush collection and created products that fulfill every need a makeup connoisseur could possibly have. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect gift, or simply just trying to find that must-have beauty product for your collection, the James Charles palette is definitely a smart choice, so you and all your friends can have the opportunity to #UnleashYourInnerArtist.