What It’s Like Being A Transfer Student

    Whether a student felt they didn’t quite get it right the first time or they started off at a community college, like me, with the intention of transferring, transfer students are quite common! Transferring to a completely new school comes with its own set of challenges and experiences that can be different from starting college as a freshman.



           For one thing, transferring colleges doesn’t guarantee that all your credits will also transfer. Hopefully, you took into account just how many credits actually made it over before you committed to a new school because even the occasional repeat of a class or semester set back can be super annoying. Some of us even end up being a sophomore/junior/senior hybrid, because none of us are really sure just when we fulfill all our required credits to graduate.

Getting Involved

           Starting at a new school is basically like starting as a freshman but as an upperclassman. There are a lot of strides to make in terms of figuring out where everything is, what resources are available, and how to get involved. Many of us have an advantage, having been college students before, and can figure out certain things like how to navigate Blackboard or how to work the laundry machines, but there’s still much to learn at a new school.


Getting To Know The Area

           Transferring from one small college town to another small college town is a completely different experience from transferring from a small community college to New York City! Getting to know the area around your college can be just as important as getting to know your new campus; especially for those of us at MMC who may have to take the subway to get to class.

Establishing Yourself

           Transfer students may feel at a disadvantage when it comes to certain opportunities or experiences. We often get half the time to establish ourselves as students. So opportunities such as becoming president of a club, snagging that internship, or receiving competitive awards might be just out of reach for us. Which can be frustrating, but shouldn’t discourage any student from going for it!


           Wherever you come from at whatever time, starting at a new college is a new and exciting challenge. I would encourage any student to work hard, have fun, and make the most out of their college experience!