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What Bag You Should Have Based on Your Major

Selecting a bag that will sustain itself through a rigorous academic year can be overwhelming and beyond challenging. Every student needs one that can serve a dual purpose, regardless of their major… and being super cute is a must. The worst part is there is no perfect universal bag for all majors. But, hopefully the list I have compiled below makes your shopping a little easier.


The life of a dance major consists of early mornings and constant hydration. You basically need to carry around a full closet and kitchen on you at all times. The Lululemon Go Lightly Rucksack will literally make your dreams come true. It has so.much.to.offer. From the sleek black exterior, to the expandable pocket (to store all your sweaty close *bless*), to the padded laptop compartment, not to mention specified phone and water bottle pockets! Sold!

Studio Art

For any art major having two free hands is essential when whisking through the city with a portfolio that’s larger than life itself. The Zip-Around Convertible Backpack from Urban Outfitters is small and stylish. Perfect to fit pencil case, oil paints, and phone charger.



Being modern chic is super important to any business student. Something functional and professional but also screams “I’m not a soccer mom yet” is definitely the vibe to go for. If we’re being honest all you need to fit is a light laptop like a MacBook air or something similar, a pen, and your holy grail agenda. The Large Suede Shopper from H&M is exactly what you need.



The key to a comm majors perfect bag is simple, space to fit your chunky beats. Yep, that’s it. The school computers are your jam so you don’t need anything else. The medium sized Stella Soft Bucket Bag from Topshop is absolutely the way to go.


Politics and Human Rights

Basically the life of a politics and human rights major is surrounded by lengthy and dreadful assigned readings. Bring on the academic journals and CNN articles. An incredible tote bag is totes your jam (please acknowledge my pun). The Faux Leather Tote & Tassel Clutch from Nordstrom will fit your collection of Sunday newspapers and recent issues of NY Magazine.


Whether you buy these specific bags or use this list as inspo you’ll easily be one of the dressed ladies on campus.  


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