We Believe You

As many of you know, the Kavanaugh/ Ford hearing took place yesterday. The hearing was to determine if Judge Kavanaugh should still be considered to serve on the Supreme Court after Christine Blasey Ford came forward with sexual assault allegations on Kavanaugh from when they were in high school. It was an emotional hearing, here is what a few of us here at Her Campus have to say about it.


“I watched the hearing at school, gathered around the TV with a bunch of people I didn’t know. Everyone was listening very intently. You could feel the significance of the moment. Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony moved me to tears. I really hope that her strength and bravery make an impact in this confirmation process, but even if it doesn’t, it was a proud moment for women in this country. I believe you.” Caroline Bodan


“Since the first accusation of Judge Kavanaugh was brought to light, I knew this fight was going to be a lot bigger than just preventing him from being nominated. This fight was about all women everywhere who have gone through a sexual trauma and not had their voice heard. This trial was so heartbreaking for me. I watched her face today with the TV in Starbucks on mute and I could just see how much pain she was in. No one should have to go through what she did in her testimony. Today we watched a brave woman tell her story to a room full of men who had already made up their minds. Nothing about today was fair, but it never is. This is the highest court in our country, we need to hold those in power to a higher standard then we hold ourselves.” Cassidy Illum


“I watched the hearing beginning to end. I spent the whole day in a state of anxiety. Watching the hearing was heartbreaking and infuriating and emotionally overwhelming. I wanted to scream and cry and felt so hopeless because I knew this hearing was a formality, I knew the inevitable would happen, I knew no matter what Christine Blasey Ford bravely said Kavanaugh would be approved to be voted on. This was not about seeking the truth and justice for sexual assault, this was about partisan politics. This was about pushing a nomination through, not about listening and validating a survivor’s experience. Christine Blasey Ford is strong and courageous for coming forward. She has shown the pain victims go through and that survivors are not alone. I am upset and will continue to be, but hope as a country we can fix the way we handle sexual assault and stop immediately discrediting those who come forward, instead believe them.” Sarah Haley


“As devastatingly sad this hearing is I think it can serve as a great teaching moment for our country. It can teach us to take responsibility for our actions. To be respectful to one another and do what is right. It teaches boys that no it is not okay to treat girls disrespectfully -never- and that when you hurt someone it doesn't go away it lives with that person their entire life. Christine Blasey Ford showed tremendous bravery that has inspired me and many others all over the country. We need to believe survivors and honor them for their bravery not bash them and tell them that they are just a pawn in some sick government game.” -Kyra Mattson


We Believe You. We Believe Survivors