A Very Veggie Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving: one of the toughest holidays for vegetarians everywhere! And side options can only fulfill us so much. I loved mashed potatoes a smuch as the next person, but that doesn’t mean that they are what I want to eat all Thanksgiving long. Here’s a couple options to spice up your Thanksgiving, no meat needed.


Trader Joe’s Meatless-Roast (or any meatless roast for that matter)

Trader Joe’s is the best grocery store around. There, I said it. And they always have countless options for vegetarians and vegans alike (have you tried the vegan tiki-masala???) And there’s no exception when it comes to turkey-less entree options. Made with soy protein, this roast is stuffed with wild rice, cranberries, and coated in crispy breading to give that perfect crunch.


Vegetarian Gravy

Gravy is the ultimate Thanksgiving dressing. Mashed potatoes could have no better counterpart than gravy. But packed with chicken stock, vegetarians normally have to just pass it to the next person at the table. But with an easy substitution of vegetable broth, and non-dairy milk, gravy can become veggie friendly. You’ll feel just like everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving meme.


Stuffed Squash

Forget stuffing a turkey, stuff squash instead. Squash is one of the best fall food options because it is so versatile. Butternut, acorn, spaghetti, the options are limitless. Pack them tight with other vegetables, beans, or your favorite non-meat substitute, bake in the oven, and enjoy. Stuffed squash will you give that super-full, unbutton your pants Thanksgiving feeling we all know and love, with no harm to animals!



A tried and true go-to option. If mac and cheese isn’t already on your Thanksgiving table, make your own version, and try adding in some extra veggies like cauliflower! Or, try a fun spin on the dish like pumpkin mac and cheese. Keep it simple or go all out, the choice is yours.


Veggies Veggies Veggies

If you don’t have time to prep a ton of vegetarian options, side dishes might just be your solution. Load up on veggies, roast a bunch in the oven, and make that the star of your plate along with all the other traditional options.


Just because you’re vegetarian, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy Thanksgiving. Holidays tend to be extremely food centered, which is a huge added bonus. But it’s not all that matters. Thanksgiving is still Thanksgiving without turkey. It’s about the family and/or friends that you share it with. And just remember, there is always pie!