Valentine's Day Dress Up

If February 14th brings back memories of sparkly printed t-shirts with hearts on them and carefully selected matching barrettes, chances are, you rocked it in the early 2000s. And with mary janes and hair clips back in style, retro just may be the new romantics. Get into the spirit and make your Valentine’s Day sweet by putting together a feel-good look by mixing unlikely  rosy hues and violets from your closet and be sure to accessorize with playful makeup for an extra touch of galentine’s glam.  


These brands got the right idea:


  1. 1. Natalie Off Duty

    A headband and hoops make a statement while tights and block heels make for a “too cool for school” duo.

  2. 2. Dolls Kill

    Stand-out bubblegum pink and raven black set the tone, while a pop of ruby red in this fuzzy knit warms the heart.

  3. 3. Francesca's

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Collect anything heart shaped, flirty, or simply lovable so as to not shy away from the festivity.

  4. 4. American Eagle

    Layering up on winter textures and patterns is cute, classic, and compliment ready for a day of spreading positivity.

  5. 5. Anthropologie

    Show your passion for fashion with this modern way to do velvet in a head to toe mauve ensemble.

  6. 6. ModCloth

    Be a doll with finds from the special occasion section of your wardrobe. Bows and buckles make this vintage-inspired look feel polished and preppy.

  7. 7. Instyle Magazine

    Go soft and subtle by making blush the signature color of the day, it’s a flattering finish to red lips and rosy cheeks.

  8. 8. Unique Vintage

    Nail it with unapologetic mixing of bold V-Day colors and graphics for a fit that is sporty, spice and everything nice.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, don't deny yourself a bit of fun, find a way to celebrate that’ll have you lookin’ good and feelin’ good all day long. Dressing up is always a good start and while you’re at it, buy yourself a bouquet of roses and a Pink Drink and surprise your gal pals with home-made cards and dorm kitchen approved chocolate covered strawberries. 


Oh and get a good #HCWearsWhat pic to mark the occasion. 

Lots of love!