Trendy and Chic Affordable Glasses? I think yes!

We all love a good sunny, and recent trends of having a funky piece of eyewear can make or break an outfit. Besides Ray-Bans and going to your local Sunglasses Hut, to get a designer piece of eyewear nowadays with everything being digital, there have been multiple new eyewear brands taking the digital world by storm. Websites like Warby Parker,  Glasses USA, and EyeBuyDirect offer affordable and fashionable glasses, giving people the opportunity to order prescription glasses online at an affordable price.


Warby Parker

    Warby Parker is one of the biggest online retailers for eyewear with a few in-store locations in major cities like New York and D.C. If you are worried to order without having physically tried the glasses on, Warby Parker has a great program where you can select five frames, have them shipped to your home, try them on, and then order the pair you would like to have. Prices range from $95- $175 (including the price to put the prescription in the lens depending on prescription strength). They offer many different styles, fluctuating from plastic and metal frames, along with a rotating collection to be in sync with the most current season.


Glasses USA


Talk about a selection of glasses! GlassesUSA offers every type of design and designer out there. If you want some Gucci frames, check out GlassesUSA, but you might leave the site with some non-designer glasses that will not break the bank. You can find a price for all budgets ranging anywhere from $60 to $600. This company is always having some type of deal to make sure you get the best price possible.  Are you nervous about what type of frame would best suit your face? Glasses USA offers a wonderful section showing you how to measure your face to receive the correct dimensions so you can play an optician while you order your glasses.





Anyone who loves to wear different sunny every day or have a pair of glasses to go with every outfit should go and buy some glasses from Eyebuydirect. Affordability is an understatement, and the fact that I can go here and buy three pairs of quality glasses for under $50 bucks is a blessing. Just because glasses are cheap does not mean they are bad quality, and they get the same job done as spending hundreds on some frames. The nice things about the online ordering are most prescriptions are included within the set price. You cannot beat that! Prices range anywhere from $10 to $80 dollars (not kidding)!


Try any of these great places to get glasses that will fit your style perfectly!