The Top Fashion Bloggers Serving Major Spring/Summer Style Inspo

    Spring is finally upon us, and recently I’ve been looking online to make my wishlist of my dream Spring/Summer 2019 wardrobe.  Transitional seasons always make me reevaluate my wardrobe and figure out what I’d like to add to my closet in the upcoming season. One way that I always gain inspiration is through fashion bloggers, and while the list is constantly evolving, below are my current favorites.



Lizzy Hadfield (Shot From The Street)



    Through her blog and Youtube channel, Lizzy Hadfield (@shotfromthestreet) is one of my ultimate style icons for this spring and summer. With her perfected collection of wardrobe basics, oversized blazers, and neutral color palette, Lizzy’s style is the epitome of the minimal, effortless vibe I’m going for.


Orion Carloto



    Orion Carloto’s (@orionvanessa) wardrobe has also served as major style inspiration for my spring & summer wardrobe. Consisting mostly of neutrals, with pops occasional colors such as red, blue and gold, her minimalist, California-chic style is my goals for this spring/summer.


Danielle Ward (Little Fash Bird)



    I don’t typically wear many colors besides neutrals and occasionally blue, army green, and red, but Danielle Ward (@littlefashbird) makes me want to venture into the world of colors, pastels, and prints. Mixing various trends with wardrobe basics, Danielle’s style exemplifies the perfect way of incorporating current trends into your wardrobe and makes me want to step out of my comfort zone this spring and summer.


Shelcy and Christy (NycXClothes)




    Shelcy and Christy (@nycxclothes) are always major sources of style inspiration for me, but especially for this spring and summer. I love how their style pairs together so well, yet their aesthetics are a bit different (Shelcy typically wearing more skirts and dresses, whereas Christy often opts for jeans with a top). The sister style duo’s combined style is the perfect mix of classic yet casual, and these looks are the perfect day to night outfits.


Siena Mirabella



    Siena (@siena_mirabella) is one of my favorite Youtubers (and new favorite podcaster!) because of her neutral and overall calming aesthetic. I love her sense of style because she takes trendy pieces and makes them simplified & easy to wear, due to most of them being in neutral colors. Her style is effortless, cool, and the epitome of the California “It-Girl” we all strive to be in the spring and summer.



Alix (I Covet Thee)



    Alix (@icovetthee) is another one of my favorite Youtubers because of her classic and minimalistic sense of style. Wearing mostly black, grey, creme, taupe, white, army green, and shades of tan and brown (a girl after my own heart), Alix makes neutrals super chic with the way she styles her pieces. I love her style year round, but I especially loved her spring and summer style last year. She recently posted the above photo on her Instagram, and I can’t wait to see how she styles pieces this season!


    These are the top 6 fashion bloggers that I’m currently getting spring and summer style inspiration from! Based on these bloggers, the key things I’m looking for with my updated spring & summer wardrobe are: neutrals, structure, classic silhouettes, minimalist accent details (such as tortoise shell buttons) and go-to basics. Who are your spring and summer style icons, and what key pieces/criteria are you looking for? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @HerCampusMMM!