Top 5 Reasons You NEED To Watch 'New Girl'

At the beginning of quarantine, I decided to fully utilize my Netflix account and finally watch a show my friend recommended to me months prior: New Girl. While the theme song is catchy enough to get you interested in the show, it's the storyline that gets you invested in it. I managed to binge-watch it in about one week, and I'm not usually one to get invested in TV shows. So with this, I have to ask: have you watched New Girl yet? If you've never seen it, I’m about to share 5 reasons why you need to (as soon as you’re done reading this article, of course), and if you answered yes, let this be your reminder to go and watch it again.

  1. 1. It’s Insanely Funny

    The premise of the show is fairly simple: Jessica Day (played by Zooey Deschanel) catches her boyfriend of 6 years cheating on her, so she moves out and finds an ad on Craigslist for a loft in downtown California looking for a roommate. When Jess visits for the interview, much to her surprise, she finds out that her new roommates are three men and not three women. Throughout the show Jess and her three new roommates, Winston, Nick, and Schmidt, find themselves going through life and getting into some crazy yet relatable situations. Along with Jess’s best friend CeCe and guest appearances from the gang’s former roommate Coach, the show follows this group of friends as they become established in their careers, fall in and out of love, and support each other no matter what life throws at them. The humor in this show is unmatched, from obviously funny jokes like Schmidt and the ‘douchebag jar’ to more subtle moments like Nick’s facial expressions in the background of scenes. If you need a good laugh, just turn on an episode and you’ll not only instantly feel better but you’ll also find yourself clicking on to the next one.

  2. 2. Inspiration for Fun Activities To Do Post-Quarantine

    Have you ever needed a fun game that you and your friends could all play from the comfort of your home? Enter True American: a drinking game created on New Girl that’s similar in structure to CandyLand, and where the floor is lava. FYI: This can easily be substituted with non-alcoholic canned drinks, and when you do play with or without alcohol, please play responsibly! To truly understand how fun this game looks, click here to witness it for yourself. Despite the rules never actually being explained on the show, there are several websites with step-by-step instructions on how to play, or you can watch this video. It’s the most chaotic and confusing drinking game ever but also seems like such a fun time. If you and your friends learn how to play now, it’s only a matter of time before you’re all yelling “1, 2, 3, 4 … JFK” “FDR!”

  3. 3. There are Seven Seasons

    Ever start a show and get so invested in the story, only to find out it stops after 3-4 seasons? Lucky for you, New Girl has 7 seasons! Perfect for binge-watching, New Girl provides the perfect platform where viewers watch the friend group grow up and evolve as people. No matter what events occur in the episode, the gang always knows that they’ll have each other as a support system through it all.

  4. 4. It’s Relatable

    From awkward job interviews to relationship troubles, if you're in your 20s/30s you'll be sure to find relatable moments in this show. It's full of scenarios we've all been through, and each of the characters have such distinct personalities we can relate to in one way or another. When watching you’ll be laughing, cringing, and feeling for Jess, Cece, Schmidt, Winston, Coach, and Nick for all of the scenarios they get involved in, and may see a bit of yourself in how they choose to handle them.

  5. 5. The Friendship

    Throughout the show’s 7 seasons, you really see the growth of each main character. Starting out as mid/late 20-somethings trying to navigate the job search climate to ending with having established careers and some getting married, the characters change a lot. What never changes, though, is the special bond that the roommates of Apartment 4D have. It’s a show that depicts true friendship: sometimes you get into fights, don’t agree on everything, and occasionally get on each other’s nerves when also living together (i.e. the infamous towel scene, Winston & Ferguson, and Jess’s break-up ritual of crying while watching Dirty Dancing on repeat), but at the end of the day you’ll always put those things aside and support your friends when they need it most.

New Girl is a show that you can always resort back to whenever you need to take a break and have a good laugh. With all 7 seasons currently available on Netflix, you can pick out any episode and be taken right back into the lives of Jess, Nick, Winston, Cece, Schmidt, and Coach. Now that you’re done with reading the article, go turn on an episode of New Girl and witness the friend group’s relatable and funny antics for yourself!