Top 10 Places For Photos In New York

New York is filled with picturesque locations. Throughout my time here so far, my friends and I have scouted out some of the best places to take pictures. Many of these places you may already know if you’ve been to New York or have heard of these iconic locations. Some of the places we’ve found, we came across by accident. It is fun to take pictures and explore the typical touristy locations, but I personally love finding new places that not everyone knows about. There are many more places that we have found to take pictures at, but these are my top 10 favorite places we have gone to so far. I hope this helps you find a new place to take pictures at in New York!


1. Staten Island Ferry


2. The Met


3. Brooklyn Bridge Park


4. Central Park


5. SoHo


6. Top of The Rock


7. Sézane L’Appartment New York


8. Subway Stations


9. Brooklyn Bridge


10. Times Square


Many of the places I’ve found are beautiful on their own but are also great for using as a background. There are plenty of other places to also take fun pictures in New York besides these 10 locations. Go out and find which places work best for you!