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Tips To Start Your Closet Over

I  buy new clothes here and there all the time, but one day I looked in my closet and noticed that my style was starting to evolve. I finally decided that I wanted to go ahead and make the switch and start dressing with a new aesthetic.

If you’re like me and want to start your closet over, you’re going to face some challenges. These are some problems I had while switching up my wardrobe that you will likely face too.

The most obvious one is money. Clothes aren’t cheap, and of course the specific clothes you want are going to be even more expensive than the others. You should definitely start with thrifting. Finding the clothes on discount will give you more peace of mind while changing up your closet. To offset some of the expenses, try selling your current clothes that you don’t want to keep. There are tons of apps that let you easily sell your things as well as stores like Buffalo Exchange.

It’s always to get rid of old clothing this way or by donating to places like Goodwill and homeless shelters. Lots of people are in need of things to wear. It’s never a good idea to just throw away old clothing.

You should also try your best to rework the clothes you already have. It’s better for the environment and your wallet if you make the clothes and accessories you already have match up with the new look you’re going for.

Our styles are always evolving so when buying new clothing, try to have it be something that’s pretty versatile. If you can make it work through multiple style evolutions, you’ve succeeded in saving time, money, and helped out the environment.

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