Thoughts You Have When Spring Won’t Come: As Told By Michael Scott

Moving from California to New York City I have experienced a lot of new stuff, including winter. This was my first real winter, a winter where multiple layers were a necessity. I adjusted to the cold, snowy winter, but now that it is April I’m tired of big jackets and long sleeves. I am constantly asking: Spring where are you?


Wanting to walk around in the sunshine but instead remaining under five blankets


You get mad at whoever put Winter in charge


You look at the long-range weather forecast with hope, but are once again disappointed


You start to feel Vitamin D deprived


You try denial and pretending you love these cloudy days


You realize the cold has iced your heart


You question why April is being like this


Overall you just feel...


I know I’m desperate for spring when I don’t even care about the allergies that come with it