Ten Songs To Add To Your Spring Playlist

Ten Songs you NEED to listen to this Spring:

  1. "Can't Get Enough" - The Stolen -- The Stolen has been a band since they were super young, but this is probably their best song yet. It's super catchy and you'll probably find yourself singing it when you should be doing homework. They just released their EP “I’m So Dead” in early April, so be sure to check it out! Other Stolen faves: Skeleton, White Dress, Memoir.
  2. "Big Kids" - Megan & Liz - I think this one hits home for all college students, especially seniors. You’ll realize you’re not alone in growing up and it’s scary but also empowering. “Hands up if you're a big kid ,Yeah, we're just trying to make it, Hands up if you're a big kid, When did we become the big kids now?”  Others from Megan & Liz: He’s Not Him, The Ghost, Bad for Me.
  3. "Roses" - Mackenzie Bourg - Mackenzie finished fourth on this season of American Idol, and within a week, released "Roses." He performed his hit on Idol, where he wowed the judges with his original content. His talent and songwriting obviously wowed America too, as his song shot up to number five on the iTunes charts. Another from Mackenzie: Hallelujah (American Idol Cover)
  4. "I Don't Love You Anymore" - Cody T -- This song is such a jam. You’ll put it on and just want to dance around the room. Plus, there’s a Big Sean reference.  Other Cody T Recs: Drive Me Home, Legends, Stay.

  5. "Healing" - Oh Honey - Oh Honey is easily one of my faves. They never fail to impress with their music. "Healing" stays true to their sound and has us super excited for new music! Listen to these too: Be Okay, A Thousand Times, Sugar You.

  6. "Rain Don't Come" - Heffron Drive - Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt have formed quite a fan base since Kendall’s  Nickelodeon days. The catchy chorus lyrics “We keep dancing but the rain don’t come” will have you dancing all around your room. Others: Passing Time (Ft. Logan Henderson, Yes, our BTR-loving hearts cry over this one), Nicotine, The Art of Moving On.

  7. "I Always Wanted You" - Walkney - Walkney is taking the pop-punk scene by storm with their “I Always Wanted You” release. Aside from their music, you should check out the backstory behind their band name here. Not only do they have awesome music, they’re bringing awareness to deaf culture-- which is super important! Keep an eye out for them, they’re gonna be big! Another from Walkney: North.

  8. "Territory" - Waterparks  - Waterparks wrapped a winter tour with Never Shout Never and just finished a four date tour with Good Charlotte. There’s so much in the future for these guys, be sure to get to know them now! Catch them on the Vans Warped Tour all Summer!  Others: Mad All The Time, Pink.

  9. "Strike a Match" - Dalton Rappatoni - Dalton wa sthe third place finalist on this season of American Idol. His “guyliner” may have made different from the rest, but his voice got him to the finals. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Dalton. Others from Dalton: Dancing In the Dark (AI Cover)

  10. “Stories for Monday” - The Summer Set - The Summer Set just released “Stories For Monday” and honestly, it was too hard to pick just one, so I’m recommending the entire album. Do yourself a favor and go listen to it, you won’t regret it. My personal faves: Wasted, Jean Jacket, Missin’ You, All In.

Here’s a handy Spotify playlist with all the songs, also included are the ones from this article!