Spot App by Planned Parenthood: Mind, Body, and Flow

Planned Parenthood launched an app that every girl needs. If you are ever unsure about when your period is coming, don’t know what to do if you miss a birth control pill, want to monitor your mood, or have questions relating to your body and sexual health, then Spot is perfect for you. Spot has so many amazing features. Here is an overview!


Birth Control

When you download Spot, you build a profile that includes your method of birth control. You can set a reminder through the app to take your pill and track any days you missed. The app also tells you the best advice for your specific method if you missed a day. On your profile, you can see what day you are on in your cycle and when you are most likely to get pregnant. This is a comprehensive way to monitor your birth control beyond just a phone reminder, and it allows you to find out more about your method.


Period Tracking

The app tracks your cycle and lets you know what day your period should start, which is a great reminder if you are like me and always seem to forget to buy tampons in time. When you are on your period, you can enter how heavy it is and see a pattern for your next week. The app also tells you interesting period facts such as, “prehistoric people only menstruated about 50 times in their lives.”


Mind, Body, and Action Tracking

A lot of apps track your period, but Spot lets you track all of the important components of your life. Each day, you can enter data for how you are feeling mentally, feeling physically, and the activities you did. It provides common categories, but you can also create your own. You can see if there are certain weeks in the month you feel worse, how much you are exercising, what symptoms are correlating to your period, and so much more.



Spot includes a resource section with terminology you should know, information about sex, your period, STDs, birth control, and Planned Parenthood. There is also an option to directly text a health educator to get more information or help. With many places in the country providing minimal sex education, resources like these are crucial. The app provides you with accurate information on a variety of subjects in one convenient place.


Spot is free and super easy to use! It helps you organize your life and monitors to check that you are taking care of yourself. Download it right now and tell all your friends to do the same!