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Spoke! Art “Bad Dads VII” Gallery

“Spoke! Art Gallery” is an art gallery that has two locations, one in New York City and one in San Francisco. You may have even seen your friends posting pictures of a Bob’s Burgers art gallery, and that’s the place! They recreated the counter from the restaurant in the back of the gallery for great photo ops!

That event ended last month, but a new event started off with a bang on Halloween weekend. The 7th annual Wes Anderson Bad Dads Gallery. The opening called for everyone to come in costume as their favorite Wes Anderson movie characters and the opportunity to win prizes. The event had free beer, wine and sliders along with the obvious masterpieces inspired by Wes Anderson’s films.

The event had once started as a pop-up exhibit but it has now gained international fame and ton of people come in costume. Wes Anderson who is perhaps one of the most unique and artistic styled directors in film serves as great inspiration. The art comes from all eight of Anderson’s movies and stems from all different kinds of art forms; there are sculptures, prints, paintings, pins and even a pair of sneakers. Also, there is a great photo op just like what there was at the Bob’s Burgers gallery that fans of The Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson’s 9th film installment, do not want to miss. In addition to the great photo opportunities, there are also a bunch of cute souvenirs for those who can’t afford to put all their money into a beautiful print; I picked up a pack of matches from The Grand Budapest Hotel and a Moonrise Kingdom button set!

The show began on October 28 and will be running until November 13. If you are a fan of art (a bunch of different fine art styles are recognized), Wes Anderson, pop up exhibits, and more this show is a must see!


All of the pieces featured in the gallery are available for purchase


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